Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sassy Sunday

Ooh, it's Sunday already!  Time for Sassy Sunday.  So I was thinking about talking about my color today.  Just what color am I?  When I'm next to my lovely sister, Ginger, I look like "the black dog".  I am dark in color.  And I guess when I'm outside in the sun, I look like a black dog.  But if you actually take a minute to look at my coat, you see that I am actually several wonderful shades of brown and black.  And I do have a couple of white patches.

But since I have a lot of black in my coat, I'm a member of the Black Dog Club at the Humane Society of Missouri.  Hey, a girl has to have some social contacts, ya know.  I joined the club after hearing some really sad stuff about black dogs.  Did you know there is such a thing called the Black Dog Syndrome?  It's also called black dog bias.  Wikipedia defines it as a veterinarian and animal shelter phenomenon in which black dogs are passed over for adoption in favor of lighter colored animals.  Apparently, black dogs are adopted in lower numbers and euthanized in higher numbers in shelters.  It also takes longer for black dogs, particularly big black dogs, to get adopted.  People are not sure of the reasons for this.  But, nonetheless, many shelters have seen this phenomenon.  There was even an MSNBC article about it.  The people at Hope Rescues, where are foster dogs (and my sister Chili) come from, say it's true.  Luckily, I was never at a shelter!

So, back to me, the main focus of this post.  In this adorable pic of me, Ginger, Spooky, and the youngest kid all in mom's bed, I look black.  And I just about disappear in this picture with Happy Gilmore, one of our foster dogs.

But Mom's getting better at taking pictures of me.
It's all about lighting.  If she gets me in some natural light, you can really see the complex color patterns in my coat.  Am I not just the most beautiful creature?  Anyway, thanks for stopping by today.  I love it!

Until next week (same bat-time, same bat-channel),


rxBambi said...

Sassy I'm so glad you have your sassy sundays cuz your momma hasn't been very good about posting. Or maybe your aunt hasn't been very good about reading (could be either one).

Barb has gotten better at taking your photos. And your coat really is beautiful. I think it helps that you are soooooo beautiful anyway.

kissy kissy,

Brian Miller said...

i think you are beautiful in the light...

otin said...

I actually have a dog that looks a lot like that! She is a very good dog!