Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ginger and Sassy saw Santa today

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

19 Puppies!!!

My sister, Sue, and I went to volunteer at Hope Rescues in Alton, IL this morning.  We had it pretty easy today - just helping Kim with the food and water while she mucked out the kennels.  Hers is a hard job.  The dogs get walked (in a great fenced yard with lots of room to run and play) 3 times each day.  Some of the dogs go out together, but some have to be let out by themselves.  Someone has to be outside with the dogs at all times, so if Kim is by herself it takes her twice as long.  She has to go out with the dogs, play with them, love on them, etc.  Then she puts them in a spare kennel to mop out their kennels, get fresh water and food for them.  Once they go back into their kennel, she cleans the spare and starts all over again.  So if someone can be outside with the dogs, she can get the kennels cleaned much faster.  Today she had a young volunteer out with the dogs, so Sue and I helped Kim inside.  We got it done really fast!

Well, yesterday, one of the recently rescued dogs gave birth to 13 puppies.  4 of them didn't make it, but there are 9 left.  A couple of days ago, animal control brought them a momma dog with 10 of her own puppies.  That's 19 new puppies!  And they have to stay at Hope until they are 12 weeks old and have had all their puppy shots.  It's easy to see that Hope will have their hands full.  If anyone reading this lives in the area and is looking for a dog, please consider Hope Rescues.  (cats too)  If you are not in the area but have a group that needs a service project (girl scouts or something) consider collecting money or supplies for Hope.  They can use all the help they can get.
Check out the website at

We also played with a great little man named Tumbleweed.  Check out his picture on the website.  He's a 9 year old pom.  He's got his hair cut in a way that makes him look like a little lion.  I wish I could've brought him home.  He's scared and only wanted to be held and played with.  Despite his age he'll make someone a great lap dog.

I love going over to Hope Rescues.  The owners have a dedication that is inspiring and I love it when I get there and one of the dogs I played with before is gone to a new home.