Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Hour Friday

Hey Everyone!  It's Friday, so it's time to play Happy Hour Friday with Rxbambi !  Check her out, link up, and play along.

I'm happy that I've made it a whole week without a kid home sick.

I'm happy we didn't get a snow day today (sorry, kids).

I'm happy for all the pees and poops Chili has done outside this week.  It hasn't been all of them, but we're getting there.

I'm happy for kids.  They make me crazy, but they make me happy.

I'm happy for dogs and cats.  They make me crazy, but they make me happy.

I'm happy for my husband.  He makes me crazy, but he makes me happy.

I'm happy I went for the MRI on my ankle.  I was thinking maybe it was a waste of time, but they actually saw a tear and an indication that there may have been a fracture that the x-ray didn't pick up.  So now I have an excuse to stay off my feet!  (the doc wants me to use crutches, but I don't see that happening).  Besides, I loved the 45 minute nap I took during the MRI.

I'm happy to be playing Happy Hour Friday with Rxbambi.

I'm happy I have a washer and dryer to do all the laundry, a dishwasher and sink to do all the dishes, a vacuum cleaner to pick up all the dirt and dog hair, toilets to clean, counters to declutter and wipe down, kid clutter to put away.  If I were homeless, I'd have none of it.

So, what are you happy about?  Link up and play along.


rxBambi said...

I had to giggle about pees and poops... but I guess you have to be happy about something, huh?

I'm happy we got to workout together this morning

I'm happy we got to each lunch with your favorite brother-in-law

I'm happy you are mine


tori said...

Bambi's comments warmed my heart. You guys are such sweet sisters! That makes me happy to see.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I'm happy that you're happy. My kids are finally feeling better but I'm not feeling that great.

Happy weekend!