Friday, May 20, 2011

A Huge Gift

Hope Rescues a hit with White Sox pitcher - The Telegraph

Many of you who follow me know that our family regularly fosters dogs for a rescue group called Hope Rescues.  We love it.  And we love them.  They are some of the most dedicated and selfless people we know.  When they rescue a dog they make a commitment to that dog.  If he/she isn't adopted, he/she will live life at the rescue, loved and cared for forever.  If an adoption doesn't work out, the dog is welcomed back.  If the dog needs an expensive vet procedure that the new owners (even after years) can't afford, Hope Rescues will help raise the money needed.  And how do dogs end up with them?  Most of the dogs come from animal control facilities.  After the other rescue groups have come in and claimed the "cutest" or "most adoptable dogs," Hope comes in and rescues as many of the "left-overs" as they have room for.

I'm, of course, not the only ones who love Hope Rescues.  About 3 years ago a nice young couple came to Hope Rescues to donate some items and help out with some work around the dogs.  This young couple quickly learned that the co-founders of Hope, Jackie and Kim, are as dedicated as I've said.

This young couple turned out to be Mark and Jamie Beurhle.  If you don't follow baseball, and more specifically, the Chicago White Sox (like I didn't), you might not recognize Mark's name.  He is the pitcher for the White Sox.  They have recently given Hope the biggest gift they've ever gotten.  Please read the link above if you'd like.  It's heart-warming.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Pondering homelessness

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Pet Blog Hop - Miss Piggy, going to the vet, and baby geese

Hi Everyone!  Sassy here.  Above is a picture of me that Barb thought would be a funny one.  She took it with her phone, so the quality is not the best.  I was hiding, you see.  At the vet's office.  But they found me.  I have a sore leg.  The doc said something about a tear in my CCL (which is apparently the same as the ACL in people).  And it hurts.  But the doc gave Barb some medicine.  And since it cost almost $2 a pill (and she gave us 30 of them), Barb says it better help!  If not, well there is always something called surgery they can do.....

We've still got Miss Piggy.  Barb and the family really like her.  They say she's the sweetest dog.  And that if someone gave her just 5 minutes, they'd fall in love with her.  Well, I'm hoping that happens.  I'm a bit grumpy because of my leg and I feel the need to growl at Miss Piggy whenever she runs over with that puppy-like energy and tries to get me to play with her.  I even snapped at her one time.  But she doesn't get it.  She seems to like me for some reason.
Here's a pic Barb took of her sleeping.  She says it's cute.

I wish Barb would take me over to the campus.  There are a ton of geese over there and even though my leg hurts, I'd love to try to chase them around.  

Thanks for stopping by today.  We didn't participate in the blog hop last Saturday because we were busy raising over $500 with a yard sale - all proceeds going to Hope Rescues (  That's the group that "lent" us Miss Piggy and who rescued our dear Chili.  Feel free to link up below and join in the fun!
Love, Sassy

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Pet Blog Hop

Welcome to Saturday!  We've now had Miss Piggy, Piggy for short, a whole week.  Things are working out pretty well so far.
This is a busy weekend for those of us who like to help out Hope Rescues.  They are having two adoption events today, plus this is the weekend for our annual yard sale to raise money for Hope Rescues.
Miss Piggy helped me all day yesterday.  By mid afternoon she was totally pooped!  But we made about $350 yesterday.  Not as good as last year, but it'll help with a vet bill or two.
Thanks for stopping by.  This is a blog hop.  So link up and join the fun!