Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sassy Sunday (1-30-11)

Good Sunday Morning!  Sassy here.  Sorry I missed ya last week.  I've got a really busy schedule you know.
Good news for our foster dog Astro.  He's found himself a wonderful home.  It was with a family that had seen him the first week he came to stay with us.  They went on vacation so they couldn't take him right away.  The dad and the two kids worked on mom the whole time they were gone.  She was a little worried about taking a pit bull mix home.  But they convinced her and now she adores him.  Jackie said the new dad came into PetCo and bought Astro $150 worth of stuff (toys, a bed, toys, treats, and toys). He'll be good and spoiled.  And he deserves it.  Thank goodness he was with a no-kill rescue.  He was there about a year before his family found him.

Now to introduce you to our newest foster dog.  This is Sailor (he has a brother named Navy that looks just like him).  He's been with us just over a week.  Barb says he's sweet as can be.  As for me, I think he's just another moocher-dog coming into my house to eat my food and play with my toys.  But Chili likes him.  And when she's busy bothering him she doesn't bother me.

I swear, though, I don't know why he thinks my butt is his pillow.  At least he wasn't trying to get my snowman.
My daddy was very excited the other day about some kind of treat I'm not allowed to have.  (Well, sometimes he shares, but not very often).  See below.

For those of you who eat them, it's a giant pork rind.  I find my fresh fruits and veggies perfect snacks, but I'd eat this pork rind if daddy gave it to me (which he didn't).

I'm so glad you stopped by today.  I'll be keeping an eye on the bird feeder in case a squirrel comes by.  Otherwise, I'll be free to read your comments, snooze on the couch, and provide affirmation to whomever seems to need it.
Until next time,

Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day!

Hi All!  Today I'm linking up with the Over 40 Bloggers at Never Growing Old.  You should check out some of the great blogs linked up there!

Yesterday we got about 10 -12 inches of snow.  That's a lot for around here.  So, of course, school was closed.  They even closed the university so I had the day off too!
The dogs had a great time out there so I thought I'd share some photos.

Miss Sassy

Where's the rest of Chili?

Sassy's gonna get Ginger!
I hope you have a great Friday!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Macro Monday 1/17/11

Hi!  I'm participating in Macro Monday today with Lisa over at Lisa's Chaos.  Check out all the great pics over there!
This is a picture of Astro our foster dog.  It doesn't really count since I took it with my computer's camera instead of my "real" camera.  He wanted to snuggle and since I couldn't work with him under my chin, I took his picture instead.
I thought this would be a good day to post this.  He just went to a new forever home today.  They are a great family.  There are two kids and a cat there to play with.  I think he'll have a great life there.  The new dad was so excited to meet me at the pet store to get him.  They had seen him a couple of weeks ago, but had to be out of town this past weekend.  Plus, the mom wasn't totally on board since he is part pit bull.  (She didn't get to meet him that day or she'd have fallen in love with him in an instant).  So while they were in Florida, they worked on Mom and prayed that no one would adopt him before they got back.
Be a good boy Astro!  We will miss you.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sassy Sunday (1-16-11)

Hey Everyone!  Thanks for coming by for another episode of Sassy Sunday.  The humans were making fun of the way I like to sit sometimes.  I think I look perfectly fine.  I'm very relaxed here.  They all laugh and grab the camera.  Oh, well.  I live to make them all happy.

We've still got Astro hanging around.  He went to the adoption event yesterday and several people thought he was cute and sweet.  But no one filled out an application for him.  No one asked to take him home for a visit.  So he's back with us.
That's fine.  We'll just take him back next Saturday.  The right family will come along.

The kids were having an interesting conversation earlier.  They were talking about earth and water benders (from the Nicktoon's show The Avatar: The Last Air-Bender).  So, air benders can make the air move and blow their enemies away, etc.  Earth benders do the same with earth.  Water benders do the same with water.  So they wondered what about lava?  Lava is earth, but it's liquid.  So can water benders bend it?  Since it's liquid, can earth benders bend it?  Hmmm.  I think they finally decided they could both bend it.

I got to sleep with Barb last night.  Usually, I sleep with the teenager.  But he and his dad fell asleep watching a movie and spent the night in the den.  But Barb complained her bed was a bit too crowded.  See, Ginger, Chili and I all slept with her.  The cat did, too.  (he always does).  Then the youngest of the humans also got in bed with her.  So it was a bit crowded, I guess.  But it was fine with me.

The teenager is off at his first Driver's Ed class.  I'm looking forward to being able to ride in the car with him.  I'm not sure why Barb is so nervous about it.

Well, thanks again for stopping by.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Theme Thursday 1-13-11 "Jump"

Jump, Chili!
This week's theme over at Theme Thursday is "Jump".  Got a pic, or a story, or a poem, or an anything that  fits with the theme?  Then head on over and join in!

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Macro Monday 1/10/11

The kids left their sled, full of snow, in the back yard.  Snow melted and some leaves made their way into the little sled-pond.  Then the temps dropped, the water froze, and left me with a great subject for Macro Monday!
Thanks Kids.
I knew there was a reason you left the sled in the yard after your dad told you repeatedly to put it away.

For more Macro Monday fun, please stop by Lisa's Chaos!

Sassy Sunday (1-9-2011) New Foster Dog - Astro

Hi Everyone.  Sassy here.  Thanks for stopping by.
Well, we have another foster dog.  If you've seen Barb's facebook, you saw his picture.  His name is Astro.
Astro finds a comfy seat by the fire

He climbed right up on my best buddy when he lay down in front of the fire.  He acted just like he owned the place!
Now Astro was picked up by Animal Control as a stray.  He was 6 months old at the time.  That was almost a year ago!  Good thing he's in a no-kill shelter, because it's taken a while for his forever family to find him.  They say it's because he is black and he has "pit mix" listed as his breed.  Those two things make it harder for dogs to get adopted.  But Barb says he's sweet as can be and Chili loves playing with him.  I just stay on the couch and observe.

He's been staying with us since last Sunday.  We all get along pretty well (although I'd just as soon Barb didn't bring home these free-loaders!  They always get into my toys and stuff.)

Yesterday at the adoption event someone was really interested in him.  It was a man with his son and daughter.  They really liked him but had to talk to the mom and also they are going out of town for a few days.  So he came back to us.  But maybe they will fill out an application for him soon.

Well, that's about it for today.  Barb needs her computer to get ready for her classes tomorrow.
Thanks again for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Quickie Random Thoughts Tuesday 1-4-11

Hey Everyone!  (all 2 of you!).  Thanks for stopping by.  I've got to do a quickie RTT today as I'm crazy busy all of a sudden.  If you want to see other RTT, you've got to go to the awesome Keely at the UnMom!

We had our black eyed peas and cornbread for good luck in the new year.  Kids weren't happy, but they got to eat some too.

Then we gave the middle kid (9) a kumquat.  If you haven't had one, they are really sour but sweet too as long as you keep chewing.  Anyway, we all laughed as he gagged, gagged, then finally spit it out.

Anyone looking for a new best friend for the new year?  We've got a great new foster dog.  I can't believe he hasn't been adopted yet.  Poor thing has been at the shelter for almost a year.  Look at this face.
Astro, our new foster dog (with Ginger and Chili)
How could this sweet, loving, friendly, obedient, wonderful dog spend a year in the slammer?  Well, he only had 7 days in the slammer.  He was rescued by Hope Rescues and has been with them ever since.  But I know why he hasn't been adopted.  He's black and he has pit bull mixed in there.  Black dogs (for whatever strange reason) and pit bulls spend more time in shelters and are more likely to be put down.  But he's gonna hang with us for a while.  Not that our house is any quieter than a shelter!

I guess I should show you this picture of me with my best buddy (although he has no idea who I am).

Yes, that is Mark Beurhle.  Don't know who he is?  Well, neither did I, but I'm not really a baseball fan.  He's the pitcher for the Chicago White Sox.

K.  The reason I'm in such a hurry today is that I found out (yesterday!) what two classes I'm teaching this semester.  I haven't taught either of them before and classes start next week!!!!!!!  So I'm leaving you now to put together my syllabi and visit my best friend, Mr. Power Point.

Have a great Tuesday!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sassy Sunday (1-2-2011)

Happy New Year!
At least that's what all the humans around here keep saying.  Anyway, I'm glad you stopped by.
For New Year's Day the fam took a great walk out at the Watershed Nature Center here in town.  It's a great place to go for both humans and dogs.  This beautiful park actually used to be the sewer lagoon for the city.  After it was abandoned, some citizens proposed it be turned into a nature preserve.

Here are some pics of us out there.
A couple of "my" kids

Mom with Ginger and Chili
One can often see different types of water fowl and other animals.  Sometimes we see blue herons out there.  Today we saw tons of deer tracks.  And we saw some swimming squirrels!  Check them out.  They were great big squirrels and they were swimming and diving and splashing in the water.

Have you ever seen such cool squirrels?  I am a good swimmer.  Usually when I chase squirrels in the yard they get out before I can catch them.  But I bet I could've gotten one of these.  But Barb held on to my leash and wouldn't let me jump in.  Oh, well.  It was freezing outside.  I heard one of the boys tell the grown-ups, "It's so cold outside I bet I got about 5 frost bites!"  So it's probably a good idea I didn't get in the water.
We saw a few other people and dogs out there, but not too many.
Then we came home and the humans ate black eyed peas and cornbread.  They didn't give me any of that, but I got a little taste of the pork roast. :)

Well, thanks again for stopping by.  I love it when you do!  And leave me a comment.  Barb will read it to me. :)