Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Hour Friday

Thanks to Rxbambi , it's time for Happy Hour Friday!  Link up with her and tell everyone what you're happy about!

I was going to say that I was happy Chili hadn't had any "accidents" in the last several days.  But this morning she peed on 3rd-grader's coat.  It was on the floor (not where it's supposed to be).  She likes to get on something (a coat, a pillow, a pile of dirty laundry) to pee.  Grrr.  But then look at that face.  Can't stay mad at that!

I'm really happy that my 13-yr-old has decided to be in charge of his own laundry.  He's been doing it now for more than a week.  But would it kill him to throw a few other things in?  His last load was one shirt.  The one he wore yesterday so he could wear it again today.  At least it's clean.  A few weeks ago he'd have just worn it dirty. 

I'm happy to have channeled my inner Martha.  I organized my pantry.
Got the cereal boxes all in a row.  Put stuff in order by category.  Used these pretty glass jars for pasta, rice and nuts.  (Look at the difference in color of two brands of brown rice.  Huh.)

I'm happy that I'm able to get some cardio back into my workouts.  My ankle is still "on the mend" rather than all better, but it can take some exercise.  I just need to be careful not to re-injure it.

I'm happy I got to spend time with my sister this week.  And she helped me with menus, too.  I asked her on Tuesday what she was having for dinner.  She said Italian beef in the crock pot.  So that's what I served.  Then yesterday I asked her what was for dinner.  Taco soup, also in the crock pot.  So that's what I served!  It was great.  Wonder what's she's making tonight.

I'm happy that one of my neighbors, one that I don't know all that well, sent me a gift subscription to a scrapbooking magazine.  That was really nice of her.  And totally unexpected.

Sassy's sitting next to me.  I'm happy she still does something she's done since puppyhood.  She chews on a blanket and kneads it like dough with her front paws.  Eventually, she falls asleep with the blanket still in her mouth.  It's precious.  Of course, she also chews the blankets into little pieces that I have to pick up from the floor and occasionally from the yard.  She only chews fleece, though.  Isn't that weird?

I'm happy that my Aunt Barb reads my blog then sends me encouraging and helpful emails.  Hi Aunt Barb!

K.  I think that's it for me.  Thanks for stopping by!  What are you happy about?


Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Oh, that face. So, so cute!

rxBambi said...

Its funny that she likes to pee on stuff, huh? What a weird wrinkley little dog. How did L react?

I'm glad you linked up with me (3 times!)

I'm happy I could help you out with dinner a couple nights this week. Tmro is probably gonna be chimichuri chicken. Maybe that'll be monday. It's yummy but a bit more labor intensive!

I'm happy that you love me lots and lots =)

McGillicutty said...

I'm happy to see that little wrinkly face.. Chili would love me too I can tell. As for the fleece chewing.I think it's cos it feels kinda good on her teeth, I know cos I chew fleece!! hahahaha.
I am going to pay for you to come to GA and organize my pantry.
What's for dinner tomorrow? when you find out email me real quick.. thanks.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I'm happy that you have so many things to be happy about.

Hope you have a happy weekend!


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