Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dear Motivation

Dear Motivation,

Where are you?  Why have you abandoned me?  Do you not realize how much I have to do?  How much I could do?

How am I supposed to keep climbing Mt. Washmore, the mountain of laundry that never gets smaller no matter how much gets washed, without you?

How am I supposed to keep cooking meals that no one likes, clearing counters that never stay cleared, picking things up that just wind up back on the floor, without you?

What about all the other things I need to do or just want to do?  Working on my art, training Ginger not to bark at people walking past, teaching Chili some tricks, getting our tax stuff in order, redecorating some of our rooms, decluttering, etc.

None of it gets done because I just can't find you.  Could you let me know when you'll be back?  Could you just drop me a postcard?  Give me a little encouragement?  Promise me you'll be back once you've "found yourself" or whatever it is you're off doing?  I need you.



rxBambi said...

I think your motivation is out to lunch with my motivation because I haven't seen any here at all lately...

otin said...

Motivation is a tough thing to get back once you lose it!

Delena said...

Hi thanks for peeking into my blog and commenting. I follow moments of perfect clarity too! I agree totally with your motivation post. I love real blogs with humor thrown in. I can't wait to read more of yours!

jane said...

haha! i hear ya!