Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sassy Sunday (7-24-11) Kittens are 5 weeks old!

Hey Everyone.  Sassy here.  So first, I'm sure you are all wondering how my leg is doing.  I'm getting so much better.  I got my stitches out on Friday (well, at least the ones that I hadn't already chewed out :)) and the vet said I'm looking great.  I'm starting to put it down when I walk and the vet said I should go to my Aunt Bambi's house to swim in her pool.
So.  I'm doing fine.  Thanks for all your well wishes!  Barb read them all to me.

Now.  Can you believe our kittens are already 5 weeks old?  We'll be getting rid of them in just a couple of short weeks.  Check out these pictures of Roxy, the calico kitten.
Roxy at just a couple of days old

Roxy at 5 weeks old
Isn't it amazing how they change so much in just 5 weeks?  Roxy will be living in our neighborhood so we should get to see her often.  The others will all be going to the same house in a nearby town.  See, there is a family with two little girls that lives in our neighborhood.  Their grandma, who has 4 grandchildren (two in our neighborhood) is taking the other 4 cats so that each will have his/her own cat living at Grandma's house.  The momma cat has been "claimed" by the four-year old girl and named Daisy.  Her two-year-old sister will get to name the other female kitten, and the two boys each get one of the male kittens.  That just works out fine.  And since the girls live here, we can get regular updates on how Daisy and the babies are doing.

Here are a couple more pictures of the babies for your viewing enjoyment:

Thanks for stopping by today!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sassy's Boo-Boo

Hi, Everyone.  Sassy here.  Well, I'm home from my surgery but my leg really hurts.  You can see the funny haircut I got and the big row of stitches on my knee.
But the vet said it went great.  My CCL was torn but the fix was easy and I'll stop being in pain soon.  Right now it's not so bad 'cause they gave Barb some good drugs for me.

Thanks for keeping your paws crossed for me!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sassy Sunday (7-10-11)

Hi everyone!  Sassy here.  No, that's not a picture of me.  This is the adorable (or so says Barb) Kitten #3. Poor baby doesn't have a name yet.  We are waiting for his (or her?) new mommy to name him.  He is pretty cute.

Ginger was downstairs with Barb last night.  And guess what!  She is scared of little, bitty kittens.  Yup.  Scared of them.  Chili, on the other hand, wants to get to know them.  But Momma hasn't let those dogs near them yet.  And, as for me, well, I'm the queen of the house.  If the kittens want to get to know me they can.  But they'll have to come to me.  I'm not gonna bother to go down there.

I will be going in for my surgery tomorrow.  Somehow I tore my CCL.  That stands for "cranial cruciate ligament" and it's the same as the ACL in humans.  There are some other treatments before surgery, but pain meds and weight loss (Oh, I've lost 2.5 lbs.  I'm starving to death!  Send pizza!) and rest are not helping.  And I'm not about to wear a brace.  I don't like wearing stuff.  Plus the vet doesn't think they work very well. (although he told Barb he'd be happy for us to try it if we want to).

There is more than one way to do the surgery.  We are going with the less risky, less involved form.  They will tie some suture material to the bone behind my knee cap, bring it around the front, and tie it to a hole they will drill in the top of the bone just below my knee.  This suture material won't last for too long, but by the time it breaks down there will be some scar tissue built up to stabilize my knee.  Sounds easy enough.
The other procedures involve cutting of bones and the vet said that in his experience, these surgeries work just as well but not better than the option he prefers.

And now, for your laugh of the week, I'd like to show you how ridiculous Chili acts when she thinks someone is gonna get her food.  It's funny.  Being the dignified girl that I am, I just growl at any dog to gets into my bowl without my permission.  (BTW, in case you were worried, Chili and I will both allow Barb to take food out of our mouths and bowls without complaining.  We are not food-aggressive.  Just a little protective when it comes to each other and our food.)

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Pet Blog Hop - Kittens are 3 weeks old!!

Hi Everyone!
We are participating in the Saturday Blog Hop today.  If you are interested, go here, and sign up!  The link will take you to Two Little Cavaliers, one of the hosts of the blog hop.

Well, the kittens we found on Father's Day are now 3 weeks old.  It's hard to believe!  They are now getting around on their own pretty well.  They are even venturing out of the "nest" my son set up for them in the guest bathroom shower.
Here are two of them, Roxy (the calico baby) and Kitten #3 (still not named by new family) out on the rug in front of their kennel.  Mom is looking on.  See her there in the corner?
Here Momma and #3 are squeezing between the door to the shower and the kennel.
So, today I set out a small, low tray with litter in it.  And I'll be putting some food out for them soon too. If there is anyone out there with advice, I'm all ears.  I've never taken care of babies this young and the internet does have some confusing information.

Sassy will be going in for surgery on her torn CCL (same as ACL in humans) next week.  That's the ligament in the knee.  She's been limping around for a while and the medicine isn't helping.  Doc thinks the best thing to do now is the surgery.  So keep her in your thoughts and hope she gets lots of good pain drugs!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sassy Sunday (7-2-11) Saturday Blog Hop and Kitten Update

Hi, Everyone!  Sassy here.
I know it's Sassy Sunday, but we are linking to the Saturday Pet Blog Hop because Barb promised and then couldn't get to it yesterday.  That's fine.  I'm the pet blogger anyway. :)  You should check out the great list of pet bloggers on the hop.  Click the link under the picture for one of the hosts of the hop.  Go ahead.  I'll wait.

Great news.  All of our kittens and the momma cat have homes waiting for them!  Yup.  I haven't even gotten to see these little critters (the mom won't let me near them.  She even swiped Ginger's nose!  The nerve.) and they are all spoken for.  That's great.  Barb and family can't keep a bunch of cats.  Anyway.  Here's a pic or two of them.  Don't fuss at Barb about the picture quality.  She took them on her cell phone.
This one is Roxy.  She's the only one with a name.  The other's are "Momma Cat", "#2", "#3" and "#4".  Roxy was "Kitten #1", but her new mom let us know her name will be Roxy.
This one is "#3".  He (or she?) is one of the smaller two.  There are two bigger and two smaller.  We guess that's ok.  Barb, being the geek scientist that she is, has been keeping a log of their weights and everyone is gaining.  Roxy and #2 weigh about 11oz while #3 and #4 each weigh around 9 oz.  It's amazing how much an ounce of kitten is!  The two larger ones look huge compared to the two smaller ones!

Momma Cat is very protective of her babies.  And if they make one little squeak when Barb has them out of the nest, she comes right out and gets them.

Here she is coming to get Roxy.  It won't be long 'til Roxy is too big for Momma to pick her up!

Anyway.  All of their eyes are open.  Barb took them to the vet.  He said they are all healthy and thinks there are two boys and two girls.  Momma had no parasites and is FIV and feline leukemia negative.  If you add those results to the fact that she is super friendly, one must conclude that she was not a stray for long.  Perhaps her family dumped her when they found out she was having kittens?  Anyway, lucky for her she decided to have her kittens here.  One of the neighbors up the street had planned to call Animal Control on her.  Yikes!

So.  What else is new?
Chili continues to get caught with her tongue sticking out.  Barb thinks it's funny to take her picture.  Here, you can only see the tip.  Sometimes it sticks way out.
And that's about it!  We've got family coming tonight for dinner.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

PS - Hi Aunt Barb! (Aunt Barb likes my posts, heehee)