Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Hour Friday

Hello Everyone.  Thanks for stopping by.  Since it's Friday, I'm going to join Rxbambi in Happy Hour.

I'm happy that my email account has gotten hijacked.  Someone sent all of my contacts an add from an online drugstore where they could buy viagra.  That's just great.  My kids' teachers are all in my contacts, my Aunt and Uncle are in my contacts.  I got a call from someone at the bank about it.  Even Dr. Grumpy is in my contacts!  Sorry!  I guess I'm just glad it wasn't porn or something!

I'm happy that I walked my dogs today.  These poor dogs.  Since I sprained my ankle I haven't been able to walk them.  But the ankle is on the mend and I walked without pain.  It was only about a 20 min walk (less than half what the dog whisperer says they should get everyday).  But it was better than nothing.

I'm happy that I've been decluttering.  Our neighborhood has an annual garage sale in the spring.  So I'm gathering up stuff to get rid of.  Other people who love the dog rescue we volunteer with will also bring their stuff over (Bambi has already unloaded a bunch of stuff.  I'm thinking about charging her a storage fee) and all of the proceeds will go to the doggies.  (and kitties, too).  We only made about $300 last year for the rescue.  I'm hoping we'll do better this year.  I'm also happy that I've gotten my kids into this purging, but they want to keep the money their stuff brings in.  I guess that's fine.

I'm happy to be going to a Habitat for Humanity function tomorrow and a Hope Rescues function on Sunday.  Both will involve a lot of fun and both are great causes.

I'm happy that this is the last week for basketball.  It's been a good experience, but I'm ready to have my Saturdays back.  At least until baseball starts.

I'm happy I figured out how to add a button to my blog.  It seems that all the cool kids have them.  I wanted to be cool too!  I used my favorite ATC (that's artist trading card) for the art on my button.  What do ya think?

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you are having a great Friday!  Happy weekend!


rxBambi said...

Gah! Sorry I'm late. But I'm up and I linked you!

Storage fee? I don't think so.

Umm, of course that means Ashley is gonna want to keep her money too if you're letting your kids. Maybe I want to keep my money too...


Why the hell didn't you walk my dogs?? they NEED it!

Cant wait to play with youthis weekend!=)

McGillicutty said...

I am jealous.. i want to go to all these fun things y'all are going to.
Yard sales are so much work! ughhh but I always fall for it!!
Kids love yard sales.
Is Bambi getting rid of her Kate Spade bag? if so mail it to me and I'll send you $5. LOL!!!

rxBambi said...

Bambi is keeping her Kate Spade bag. Sorry chick!

Sky McCracken said...

Anyone want to walk our cat?

Barb said...

What's a Kate Spade bag? Chili did not get a bag when she got spayed.