Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sassy Sunday 10-9-11

Hi Everyone, Sassy here.  It's time again for an update.  Sorry it's been so long, but Barb keeps saying she's too busy to help me write a post.  Oh! If I only had fingers!!

Anyway, our lovely foster dog Tracker now has a new home.  And thank goodness she has a new name too!  Her name is now Sadie.  She had to have a little extra surgery when they took her to get spayed.  Turned out she had a mammary tumor.  One she never would have gotten if she'd been spayed 5 years ago.  The vet thinks it's benign, so that's good.  But we won't be sure until the pathology report comes back.

Look at my Mum's awesome mums!
Well, Barb went to two (yeah, two) dog-friendly events this weekend and she did not take me along.  The first one was a fundraiser for an awesome group called Loosen the Leash.  They take homeless dogs to a juvenile detention center.  There the kids learn how to train the dogs and the dogs get training to help them get a new home.  It's a great thing!  And they get most of their dogs from out favorite Hope Rescues.  Anyway, Barb didn't bring me because she had to be in charge of the adoptable dogs that day.
This is Jigs.  His owner die so Hope Rescues is helping find a new home.

Here are some of the people and dogs at the event.  The lady in the center with her back to us is the main person from Loosen the Leash.

Then today she went to the botanical garden on the local university campus.  They were having a discovery day.  Dogs were welcome, but Barb didn't think she could handle me and the other two along with the kids.  There was a bird show.  Barb took some great pictures.  They all look really tasty!
Red-tailed Hawk

Barn Owl

Great Horned Owl
Peregrine Falcon 
Turkey Vulture
There was a pug there that apparently made all the birds nervous.  So I guess it's good Ginger and I weren't there.
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