Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sassy Sunday - New Girl in Town

Hi Everyone, Sassy here.  Well, I am finally rid of all the extra cats in the house and what does Barb do?  She gets a foster dog!  Meet Tracker.  She's a 5 year old basset hound mix.  She is much prettier than her name.  Her name should be something adorable like "Sassy".

Anyway, Barb got a call Friday night from a friend.  Tracker had been in someone's backyard, chained to a tree for several months.  Her yard was just a mud pit.  Her dog house had holes in it.  And her dog bed, which was outside of her dog house, was crusted with mud.  She got fed (sometimes by the owner, sometimes by the neighbors) but no one at the house ever paid her any attention.  A nice lady (Amber, the Dog Nanny) had been feeding her and playing with her but knew that the best thing would be for someone to get her outta there.  So Barb's friend Patty (who knows Amber) just went over and asked the owner if he'd be willing to give his dog away.  Without a second thought (and without knowing Patty or what might become of the dog) he said yes.

Patty asked Barb if there was any way Hope Rescues could take the dog.  Barb asked Jackie and Kim. They said yes.  So now Tracker is officially a Hope Rescues dog being fostered in our house. (and eating my food, playing with my kids and my toys)

She is a very pretty girl.  Mostly basset hound but her legs are too long to be all basset.  Anyone have a guess?

Anyway, we'll keep you updated on our new girl.

And now a note from Chili - Chili received a package from Something Wagging This Way Comes.  It was full of wonderful stuff!  Toys, treats, poop bags, coupons, samples, etc.  What a great surprise!  Barb entered her in the giveaway and she won!  Yeah!  And because she is such a good pack sister, she shared all the stuff with Ginger and me.  Here is a picture of us checking everything out.
There are two cute little stuffed toys.  (you can see the blue on in the photo)  I took the liberty of de-stuffing them for Chili.  I'm much better at it than she is and Barb wasn't watching closely enough.  Why or why do they put that stuffing in toys anyway?  But no matter.  Chili just loves them unstuffed and they keep her company when she has her kennel time.  My favorite was the freeze-dried turkey hearts.  We all loved those!  So from Chili, Ginger and me, Thank you Something Wagging!

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sassy Sunday - A summer of kittens comes to an end

Hey Friends!  Sassy here. :)

Well, our kitten summer is over.  The last of the foster kittens, Lucky, went to a new foster home on Friday.  Barb would have liked to have kept him, but he was making life miserable for my dad (cat allergies) so he went to stay with a man who has another foster kitten.  That kitten is a cute little siamese girl.  That will be best for Lucky.  Our cat, Spooky, is not much into playing with kittens. (That didn't keep Lucky from trying to play with him, though!)

We had a great party this weekend.  Our youngest human turns 9 years old today.  So his Aunt Sue and cousin Ashley came over to celebrate.  And the 9-yr-old next door was here too.  The people ate burgers and brats and had something called a cookie cake.  Ginger, Chili and I just got dog food.  But it was fun to have people in the house.  9 years old!  When I joined the family he was just about 4 years old.  They do grow up fast.  But he still loves me.  And I love him.

Barb should have some pictures from his party at the video game place later today.  They don't allow dogs there so I won't be in any of the pictures. boo

But here's a funny picture of Chili for your enjoyment.  She often sticks out her tongue when she's asleep and Barb finds it funny to take a picture.  Thanks for stopping by today!

PS poor Chili.  She's so ugly she's cute!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sassy Sunday - Is it pumpkin time already?

Hi, Everyone!  Sassy here.  It's been a while since I've done a Sassy Sunday.  Barb's been doing the Saturday Blog Hop, then doesn't want to let me do a post the very next day.  The nerve of some humans.  Anyway, I'm doing one today.

We went to the dog park last week.  It's our favorite dog park - really, it's the only one around unless you count the poor excuse for a dog park in our city's park.  They have a fenced in space barely bigger than a kennel and they call that a dog park!  But Barb read this week that one of the other local parks just got a grant for a new dog park.  I hope its a good one.  It will be closer and maybe we'd get to go more often.
Anyway, the 3 of us had fun getting wet then rolling around in the dry grass (and dirt).

The middle kid wanted to plant pumpkins this year.  And we got some!
 Barb had to go ahead and pick these two.  There is some kind of vine borer bug that had killed the vines feeding these two.
 This one still has some growing to do, and hopefully the vine will stay healthy.

And, surprise!  Barb didn't even know this one was there.  It was hiding.  But now we know it's there. :)
Well, that's really all I got.  Barb told you all about the kittens yesterday.  But thanks for stopping by.  I'm glad to see you.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

And then there was one

Hello everyone.  So.  This is Lucky.  He's the last of our "spare" cats.  For those of you joining us for the first time, or for the first time in a long time, we had a spare gaggle, herd, flock, whatever of cats at our house this summer.  It started with Daisy, a lovely calico momma who decided to have her kittens under our chimney the day before Father's Day.
She had 5; 4 of them survived.  We brought her into the house and gave her a nice warm place to raise her babies. (actually, more like cool!  It was really, really hot this summer)
Then about the time Daisy's babies were weaning themselves someone dumped a bunch of kittens in a parking lot.  It was 102 degrees that day and they were left in a wire crate with no shade or water.  Daisy graciously agreed to help me take care of them.
She's really a good cat.  I hope her new family gets her spayed.  But as far as mommas go, she a good one.  A local rescue, Rico's Rescue, has agreed to help me find homes for them.  I'm fostering, but the rescue has them listed on and they are paying for the vetting.   Two of them have been adopted by people I know.  A third, Laffy Taffy, was found on petfinder.  Lucky is the last one.

We are participating in the pet blog hop today!  Go here if you want to join in!