Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sassy Sunday 5-27-12

Hello everyone!  Sassy here for another installment of Sassy Sunday.  It's Memorial Day weekend, so don't forget to remember all those veterans.
We've been busy here at the new place.  I helped Barb get all the radishes out of the garden.  apparently radishes are cool season veggies.  We'll grow some more in the fall.  Chili and I ate plenty of those spicy little balls.  We had so many that Barb didn't mind sharing.  Ginger just spit them out.  Silly girl.

There are some tomatoes in the garden already.  They are called "early girls".  Barb brought 4 of them into the kitchen but has not offered me any of them.  I love tomatoes.  I used to steal them off of the cherry tomato plants last year.  Those and the peppers.  I'm sure Barb didn't know about it, though.  That won't be so easy this year.  We have a fence around the garden to keep the deer and rabbits out.  Unfortunately for me, it keeps me out too!

Need any more proof that we live out in the country now?  Here's a sign we never saw in town.

I guess this is the time of year we see lots of big farm equipment on the roads.  But we don't mind sharing!  As long as I'm going for a car ride!
The chickens are getting big.

They are in the dog run right now because there are some roosters in the chicken coup.  The roosters will be moving on soon, so the girls will get to move out to the coup soon.  But they have it pretty sweet right now where they are.  By night they are inside the barn in a nice cozy dog run with lots of wood shavings for bedding.  They spend the day with the door open to a huge run outside.  It's concrete, but there's lots of green things to peck at through the fence and they are really amazing at catching may flies out of the air.  It's fun to watch them in the morning when Barb opens the door.  They run around the yard making funny noises and flapping their wings.
Here's Chili with the roosters.  They have had some freedom to wander around but they started attacking Barb so she mostly keeps them in the pen behind the coup.
I'll leave you with a picture of Ginger being her sweet, silly self. :)  Have a great weekend!