Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sassy Sunday

Hello, Everyone.  Sassy here.  I thought I'd give you a little peek into my world today.  If you're interested, that is. :)

Well, I'm a beautiful girl, about 5 years of age.  When my people first heard about me, before they ever saw me, they were told I was a Chihuahua mix.  They always laugh and say, "If she's got Chihuahua in her, she must have eaten one!"  Well, I don't actually know what I am.  The vet's office put "Beagle mix" on my chart.  But ya know what?  It doesn't really matter.  I'm beautiful no matter what I am.

I've been in my current pack about 4 years.  After I was weaned, a family tried me out but the dad was allergic to me.  So he gave me to his secretary but she had a Jack Russell Terrier that didn't like me at all. So she gave me to her neighbors.  They were an older couple who wanted a lap dog.  But I was just a puppy and they thought I was too much work.  Then, just a month before my current pack were scheduled to move from AL to IL, my original owner, the one whose husband was allergic to me, asked the man of my family if he'd take me.  Her daughter was very worried about all the moving around I'd done and really wanted me to have a good family.  I've been with this family ever since.

Of course you know about my sister Ginger.  We also have a cat named Spooky and a new puppy named Chili.  I don't see what all the gushing over Chili is all about.  But, whatever.

We sometimes have other dogs in the house.  We let them stay here while they wait for new homes.  It annoys me but I guess it's a good thing.  If I were homeless, I'd want a nice family to take me in.

I was thinking I'd write a little something on Sundays.  That is, if Barb will let me.
Today there is something going on called the supper bowl.  Sounds delicious.  But I bet the family won't let me have any.  They do let me have veggies and fruit when they are cutting them up.  I do love the raw veggies!

That's about it for today.  I'll check back in with you next week.  Until then, keep your tail wagging.


McGillicutty said...

Dear Sassy, my name is Mac and I too love raw veggies... I'm just a little shih tzu.. or a little shitty as my person calls me... but I'll take down a Great Dane for a baby carrot!!!
Maybe my person will let me do a Mac Monday... prolly not but you never know!!!
p.s. you're cute!!!!

otin said...

HAHA! The Supper bowl! LOL

Brian Miller said...

lol. now i am hungry...when does it start? cute....

Erin said...

This is so sweet! I wrote a post awhile back from our dog's point of view. I love dogs and the people who take them in/take care of them!

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Hi Sassy! You are too cute. And such an eloquent writer!

rxBambi said...

Oh that's just great. Now juneau and jenny are gonna want to use my computer. Sheesh. You are so spoiled Sassy! When is your mamma gonna bring you over for a walk?