Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Hi, All.  It's Tuesday.  The Un-Mom is hosting random thoughts today.  Go check it out!

Just finished sweeping and mopping in the hearth room.  It's one of the dustier rooms in our house.  I saw a yahoo article that said household dust contains not only human skin, dog dander and hair, decomposing bug parts, and dirt from outside, but also arsenic, lead, and DDT!  Makes me (almost) want to go and dust the rest of the house right now!

Got my hair cut today.  I look rather sassy, but hubby is too busy to go to lunch with me.  So I'm letting the dogs enjoy my new haircut while I mop and dust the house.

That reminds me, I was going to put something in the crock pot for dinner.  Better get to that as soon as I'm done with this post!

Our Monday nights just got a tiny bit less busy as we had our last basketball practice for the 3rd grader.  First grader's last practice is Thursday.  Last games are on Saturday.  I love the place they are playing.  It's a little church-y (we aren't really)(Upward Basketball) and they have a Bible verse to learn each week (won't kill 'em) but it has a really positive atmosphere, everyone gets to play, they don't keep score so everybody wins.  It's been a good experience for them.

The next sport they are doing is baseball, which is a summer sport here.  So we have a break for a couple of months.

Chili is so cute with the tip of her tongue sticking out!

She went to the door yesterday and looked at me.  So I let her out and she pooped!  I guess we are getting there.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I'm off to clean up some of that arsenic!


Doc said...

I bet you are looking sassy !!

CaJoh said...

Stopping by from the Un Mom…

Does dusting remind you of crock pots? Quite the random thought stuck in there.

I have a crock pot, but never remember that I have one. Typically we only use it to keep cider warm (I know, what a shame).

Thanks for your randomness,

otin said...

I thought that 300 bucks for one of those ionic breeze air purifiers was too much. You just made me rethink that position! LOL

rxBambi said...

Oh you sassy girl... wait. You look like Sassy? Silly.

You'll have to change the blog to Sassy Ginger and Chili Chronicles ;)

Can't wait til Sat night. We might go out to eat with some other peeps if that's okay...

Looking forward to sweatin with you tmro!!

hugs and all that crap =)

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Glad you like your new haircut. I usually hate my new haircut for weeks after I get one.

I have an award for you!


julochka said...

hey, i did random tuesday without even realizing it was "thing." cool. it must be something in the air on a tuesday.

i wonder if there's DDT in the dust here too? the danes are a bit more careful about chemicals...tho' we're getting that meat glue stuff soon in all of our lunch meat. oh joy.

look, now i'm being random in your comments too. :-)