Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WTF Wednesday

Welcome to WTF Wednesday.  Go see Hit40, it's her baby!

WTF is it with enuresis (fancy medical word for wetting the bed)?  I've got 2 kids with the problem and I'm sick as hell of washing sheets!  The urologist says "no Goodnights".  But is he the one doing my laundry!  WTF!

WTF is it about kids and fighting?  Why can't they be in the same room for 15 minutes without fighting?

WTF is up with Blogger?  All of my followers are gone.  Maybe it's just my blog.

Maybe I'll add some more later today.  But for now, I've got kids to get out of the house!
Have a great Wednesday!


rxBambi said...

WTF? It must be blogger cuz I'm still here. I wanna know WTF is up with my iPhone? It wont send my email damn it all to hell!
Have a great day!!

Hit 40 said...

Too fun that you played WTF with us!! Love it!!!

I don't know if folks were dropped from me too or not?? I know that I lose some sometimes, but I am never sure who it was?? I have thought about printing out a page of the followers to keep track....

but really??? This would make me a little nutty.

otin said...

All of mine are gone, also! WTF?

McGillicutty said...

wtf.. why do we obsess about followers... lets just stroke each others egos... Otin.. Shut up!!!

Kids will be kids.

At least Sassy and Ginger don't fight and didn't you ever come to blows with that nucklehead Bambi???

Barb said...

Bambi and I never came to blows! As long as she did what I said, we were fine.

julochka said...

i know about this bedwetting thing. tho' it's tapered off significantly. it's still at least once a week. sigh.