Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Tuesday

Thanks to rxbambi for the random thoughts.  I guess I'll do it too!
  • How is it that rxbambi has the little flower thingies as her dots on lists and I can only figure out how to get regular dots?
  • I wonder how Happy is doing in his new home.
  • How did I ever agree to have a birthday party for 20+ first-graders at my house?!
  • I'm happy that the Blues games are starting back up and that I have tickets for tonight's game.
  • I'm taking the soon-to-be-7-year-old with me to the Blues game. (we only have two seats so we have to take turns!)
  • My stomach hurts.  It always does these days.
  • I wish Mean Owen would do another post.
  • I'm starting to feel guilty about the laundry and house work that has to be done.
  • When will I ever find time to find my Dharma?
  • BTW, I also know that if you put bowls and cups in the dishwasher right-side up that they fill with yuck and have to be re-washed.  But no one else in my house does either.
  • That's it.  What are you thinking?


rxBambi said...

ha! FIRST!

rxBambi said...

I thought you said why couldn't you find your diarrhea. I was like WTF? heehee. I think maybe we are supposed to link to un-mom but I couldn't get her site to load...
Sorry Un-mom!

otin said...

20 first graders!! OMG!

I like you doing random thoughts on Tuesday. You need to visit the Un MOM site and leave your name on her little linky thing. If you want to expand your follower base, you should do some Aloha Fridays. Email me if you want any info on it.

otin said...

Are you half Italian, also?? hehe

LMAO my word verification is pimpo

Keely said...

Really? My site no loady? Bummer.

Happy belated Tuesday!

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