Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello Everyone!  It's Random Tuesday Thoughts thanks to the Un Mom!
  • Why is it that when dogs puke, they always go to the carpet or the expensive area rug instead of the hard floor?  Especially when it's that yellow bile stuff that makes an instant stain?
  • Why does everyone in the family think it's my job to put their shit away?  Even the dogs leave their toys all over the place.
  • Why can't people get the hint?  I put their shit on the steps (after having picked it up from wherever it was) so they can take it up when they go.  Do they take it up?  After days and days it's still on the steps.
  • Why won't my brain think random thoughts right now?  I seemed to have lots earlier.  Must be the movie in the background (kid home from school watching movie).  I can't concentrate!
  • Check out the Un Mom for more Random Tuesday!


rxBambi said...

yeah like when your dog never pees in my house and when she did she went to what *was* the most expensive rug in the house. That was until Sasha peed on it first. And second. Grrr.
You need a moleskin book to carry around so you can write down your thoughts so you don't forget them when you finally sit down at the computer. Go to An Open Heart and tell Shannon youre my sis and I said you needed one!

tori said...

I do the same thing...put the kids (and hubby's) stuff on the stairs it never goes up unless I nag, nag, nag!

blueviolet said...

Animals AND babies do that! Don't you love when it's only about 6 inches away from safe territory too?

otin said...

My mom would put our shit on the steps and we would step over it! It used to PISS her off! :)