Thursday, September 10, 2009

How much poop can a Happy dog poop?

Hey Ya'll.  This is Ginger.  (I say "ya'll" because I was born in Alabama.  It's a great word).  If you google "how much can one dog poop?" you don't really get a good answer.  One answer to how much a puppy can poop in a week said about one cubic meter.  Who would know that???

It's a relevant question right now to my person, Barb.  She's really getting tired of Happy Poop.  He's a really cute dog and all.  And I tolerate him pretty well (Sassy doesn't really like him.  She growls at him and wishes he'd find his forever family and get the heck out of our house).  But he still poops a lot in his kennel.  He's not even kenneled that much.  Just when Barb has to go out for a bit.  She's never gone more than a couple of hours.  And she always gives him a chance to empty out before she goes.  And some days he doesn't get kenneled at all.  

We just got back from the vet.  Spooky and I were both due for our annual check-ups.  I don't think we were gone more than 45 minutes.  But Happy's kennel is full of poop.  And he's already pooped twice today!  Where does it all come from?

She wouldn't kennel him if he could be trusted not to eat the cat litter.  And he loves to chew on the people toys.  So he goes in his kennel when he's not being watched.  Really, it's not that much.
So I wonder, does he poop in his kennel because he's mad that Barb put him in there?  Does he realize that she is getting tired of washing the little bathroom rug and the blanket that have been used alternately as bedding in his kennel?  Does he not realized that Barb has a butt-load of laundry to do and if she is always washing his bedding she can't get everyone else's socks and underwear clean?

If anyone has a suggestion, please leave a comment.  Not feeding him isn't really an option (although she has started giving us our breakfast after her workout on MWF mornings.  That means we have to wait until 10 AM to eat!).
And if any of you are in the market for a really cute beagle boy who poops in his kennel when he's mad at you, please fill out an application at


otin said...

Um, you want me to comment on poop? LMAO! I would, but I don't know shit about poop! LMAO!

Barb said...

How much poop could a happy dog poop
If a happy dog could poop poop
A happy dog would poop
As much poop as a happy dog could poop
If a happy dog could poop poop

rxBambi said...

The poop sat on the stoop and the poop said that the stoop needed a scoop and the stoop said that the poop needed a scoop so which one pooped? Or stooped?