Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

Thanks to rxbambi and otin for hosting Happy Hour Friday.  Since I usually can't go to my hubby's happy hour (or literature review, or choir practice, or whatever they decide to call it today) since I'm home with kids, it's nice to hook up here!

First of all, the picture here is of Happy Gilmore, our foster dog.  He makes me happy.  But since we've had him now like 5 weeks, I'd be even happier if he'd find his forever home!

  • Dogs make me happy.  They are always doing something funny.  Sassy's growling now at the door.  That's her signal that she wants to go out and it makes me happy.
  • I'm happy that Spooky, my cat, forgives me for taking him to the vet yesterday to get microchipped.  I'm afraid he'll get out and if he does, I want him back!
  • The sun shining today makes me happy.  And I'm especially happy that it's not too stinking hot.
  • It makes me happy that my sis invited me to hang out with her at the pool the other day.
  • It makes me happy that I went to my sister's house to hang out with her and that we decided not to feel guilty about it.
  • I'm happy that it is almost time for hockey games to start.  We share season tickets with Bambi and her hubby and I love to go to a fight and see a hockey game break out.
  • I'm happy that my babiest kid is about to turn 7.
That's about it.  I'm off to take the dogs for a walk (that will make them happy).  Check out the happiness at rxbambi and otin.


otin said...

It is great hanging out with a brother or sister! I also like sunny days and hate the fall! I love summer.

Ewww! Hockey!

Hit 40 said...

Your kids are all in school now. Full days? PARTY AT YOUR HOUSE!

McGillicutty said...

Dogs are hilarious... mine are trying to hump each other and it makes me laugh although not necessarily happy. I believe there's a difference.
Blogging makes me happy, I wish my family would buggar off and leave me to it. :)

rxBambi said...

It makes me happy that I made you happy!

awww... my wv is 'nessi'

that totally makes me happy cuz I want to go to scotland. think they need a some-time-pharmacist in scotland? I hope so.

damn it I just dropped my phone in ranch dressing and that doesn't make me happy!!