Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beautiful Neighbor

I'm not sure what type of spider this beautiful lady is, but she is busy building her web near our driveway.  Unfortunately, she picked an awful location.  She's building on the basketball goal.  The boys love to shoot baskets while waiting for the bus in the mornings, so I doubt she'll stay there.  Plus it's a pretty exposed location.  The small breeze was making it really hard to take the picture.


otin said...

If the spider writes "Some Pig", make sure that you keep her! haha!

rxBambi said...

she didn't pick a very good spot did she? Oh well. as long as spiders don't choose to build webs in my house I just let them be.

Lucky Girl said...

Beautiful! It must be egg laying time, I see spiders everywhere!

If I find them inside I escort them out on a tissue(my husband thinks I'm a nut...he's probably right) and put them somewhere I think they would like.

Except for those little jumping spiders that live on my windowsill. I let the stay 'cause I get such a big kick out of them.

Thanks for visiting my blog today, I love yours!