Sunday, September 13, 2009

Goodbye from Happy Gilmore

Hello Everyone.  This is Happy Gilmore.  It's with a heart filled with both sadness and excitement that I must say goodbye to you and to my foster family.  Yesterday Barb took me to the adoption event at PetCo and a couple there looking for a companion saw me and fell instantly in love.  They had to fill out an application, of course.  And Jackie and Kim had to check them out to make sure they'd provide a safe and loving home.  We found out this morning that they were approved.

I've been here with my foster family for exactly 5 weeks.  They picked me up on a Sunday afternoon and brought me to meet my foster sisters Ginger and Sassy.  I have a feeling that Ginger will miss me.  I'm not so sure about Sassy.

Since I've been here I've taken lots of walks around the neighborhood.  I've even taken a walk up to Four Muddy Paws for a bath and a treat. (I've also had at least 3 baths at home.  These people must really think I'm dirty!)  I've been to rxbambi's house to play with her dogs and to take a dip in the pool.  I went to visit a prospective family but they brought me back.  And I've spent many hours curled up on the couch in the den or the loveseat in the hearth room taking naps and enjoying the peace and quiet of a home. 

I'm grateful to my foster family for letting me spend these weeks at their home.  I would have been loved and cared for at Hope Rescues.  But I'd have had to wait for my forever family in a kennel environment rather than in a home.  It's nice there, but it can get loud with all the barking.  And though the employees love us, they have pens to clean and lots of dogs and cats to feed.  So their play time is limited by that.

I know my new family will love me and give me all the attention I deserve.  They could hardly stand the idea of waiting until today to pick me up.  Barb and two of the boys will be taking me to Alton soon where I'll be meeting my family and saying goodbye to Jackie and Kim.
Thanks for reading my first and last post.  Maybe someday my new family will post of picture of me on their own blog (unless they are sadly blogless) and I can sneak in a post.  Until then, goodbye.


rxBambi said...

Hooray for Happy! I'm glad youre getting a forever home, but I thought you were pretty darn cute!
I loved it when we howled like hound dogs together...

McGillicutty said...

Ahhh Happy Happy Happy day, and I hope the new peeps are keeping the name.
Good Job to Barb, how in the heck can you stand to part with cutie patutie!

otin said...

Awww, that is really great, but we will miss his blogging style!

Merisi said...

Your goodness in giving this little creature a loving environment in your home brought tears to my eyes while reading about it! Thank heaven for good people like you!

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog,