Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Hi All,
I thought I'd do a little Rant and Rave Wednesday a la Little Ms Blogger .  Check her out!

Rant: My kid has strep throat.  I sent him to school yesterday.  I told him if his throat felt any worse when he got home we'd go to the doc.  There was no fever or anything.  So when he got home he said it felt worse.  I took him in.  And it was positive.  Now I feel like a bad mom!

Rant: I had to listen to a whining kid with strep throat today.  And he's not feeling much better despite the antibiotics, so I think he'll be home again tomorrow.  I just hope his two brothers don't get it.

Rave: The antibiotics were free!  Our local supermarket pharmacy gives generic antibiotics for free.  That's pretty cool.

Rave: I've been having a great time with the photo group I'm in.  We are challenged to take and upload a photo each day.  It's been fun.  Here's my photo for today.  It's Jacques, our pet shrimp.

Rave: We have a great new foster dog, Matilda.  She's very sweet.  She's relatively quiet.  She's way laid back.  She's small enough to pick up.  Just an all around good foster dog.

Rant: I didn't get much done today.  Instead I hung out with my sick teenager and watched episodes from "Lost".  That was fun.  But now I have to catch up on all the house work and laundry I was going to do today.

Rant: I hate being diabetic.

Rave: My youngest child said at dinner "I love the meat!"  It was chicken, but I was very happy he loved it nonetheless.  My middle child expressed displeasure before dinner that we were having chicken, but he ate it without complaint.

Well, I could come up with some more, but I'm tired and I've got a couple of kids to get to bed.
I hope everyone had a great Wednesday!  Thanks for stopping by.


Brian Miller said...

i love meat too...

strep throat is not fun...hope he gets better soon!

free antibiotics...i need to move...smiles.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I hope your little one is feeling better soon! Free medicine rocks!

Are you keepin Matlida? She's very lucky to be with you.


rxBambi said...

rant: I'm two days late

rave: I made it anyway!