Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Thanks to Keely over at the Un-Mom , we can post randomly on a Tuesday.  So let's get random.

My foot and ankle hurt, but not as bad as yesterday.  Ya see, I fell down the steps like a big klutz on Saturday night.  I thought I'd broken my foot.  But then my ankle swelled up.  I was at a neighbor's house yesterday.  Her husband happens to be a doc.  He looked at it and sent me for an x-ray.  I am his patient but he doesn't do injuries of this type.  So I had to go to my regular doc last night.  We didn't have the x-ray back yet, but she gave me a powerful anti-inflammatory and the swelling is down today.  If the x-ray says it's broken, I'll go back for further treatment.

My youngest child won 2 awards last night at his cub scout Pinewood Derby.  His car was not the fastest or the fanciest.  But he won the "Most Colorful Car" award and the "Cubmaster's Choice" award.  When we showed up, I felt a little bad for him.  He didn't seem to notice as much as I did that most of the other cars were way fancier and way shinier.  They looked like real little race cars with shiny coats of varnish over their professional-looking pain jobs.  This was my son's car.  I think it's great.

Our new baby is going under the knife this morning.  In fact, she's probably under right now, poor baby.  Yup, she's getting spayed.  No cute little pug puppies for her.  But I firmly believe in spaying and neutering.  It's so sad to hear the statistics on the numbers of dogs and cats that get put down every day because there aren't enough homes to go around.   Chili was from one of those irresponsible breeder-types.  They had 47 dogs (pugs, chihuahuas, and pug/chi mixes) in a two-room tailer.  Animal control raided and made them surrender all but 4 animals.  Hopefully they only kept non-breeding animals.  Anyway, Hope Rescues got 12 of them.

I'm happy that my sister just came by with a skinny carmel latte from Starbucks for me!
She brought her dogs with her.
It's damp and foggy this morning.
I think Ginger may have some sort of allergy.  She keeps licking and scratching.
Did I mention my foot and ankle hurt?

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rxBambi said...

skinny caramel lattes rock... how would you ever get by without them?

Hope your ankle feels better. And love and hugs for little Chili


I am Harriet said...

Pinewood Derby is a lot of fun. Congrats.

Have a great Tuesday!

The Crazy Coxes said...

I love your son's car! I hate it when Dads take over and do the kid's cars. That's just not right!

Good luck on the ankle. That looks like it hurts!

Happy Tuesday!

tori said...

I think your son's car is awesome!! My oldest son would always get so discouraged at those by the kids who had their dad's do theirs.
Jealous of the sister time!
Hope your foot feels better soon, it looks painful!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Oh you poor thing! It is possible you broke a bone in your foot - I had a similar 'look' when I fell down the steps carrying a puppy and slipped...hope for your sake you only sprained your ankle, though!

I love your son's little Pinewood Derby car! How cool he got the "Cubmaster's Choice" award!

Thanks for reminding me we need to schedule an appointment to have Rolex go under the knife. He's 6 months old, so it's going to be time soon! ;)

You have an awesome sister. ;)

Brian Miller said...

yikes on the foot! hope it heals well and soon!

pine wood derby brings back lost of memories...nice car!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I really hope your foot isn't broken. Ouch! I'm sorry your foot and ankle hurt.

I am also a fan of spaying and neutering animals. I love your pug and your son's car!