Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Hey all!  Thanks for stopping by.  It's Tuesday so I thought I'd participate in the Un-Mom's Random Thoughts Tuesday.  Stop by and check her out.

Sometimes kids say the darndest things.  The other day in the car my middle kid said "Dr. Eggman and Bowzer stole the snow spirits!"  How does one respond to a statement like that? Hmmm

He also asked me "Mom, are we poor?"  I said, "No.  We've got at least 10 bucks in the bank." He rolled his eyes.

The invisible fence person came by today to flag our yard and fit the new puppy with a collar.  She doesn't seem to mind the collar and is already catching on about the fence.  Of course the shocker part is covered so she doesn't get shocked if she goes through.  She just hears the beep.  The second step comes next week.

I bought the puppy a sweater but she doesn't like it.  I'm going to try to take it back.

My foot and ankle still hurt.  It's been 10 days.  They both look better, but still hurt.  Poor me.

My two sick kids (strep, ear infections, bronchitis) are watching "Up".  I love the part of the movie when they find the talking dog.  My favorite of his lines is "I slept under the porch because I love you."

Isn't she cute!  Chili chewing on a pink frog.

Why does Ginger have the habit of standing next to the door with her butt against the wall?  There's a little brown spot there on the wall.  Yup, dog poop spot on my wall.  I've cleaned it.  But she keeps re-making it.  Great, huh?

Well, that's about it for me now.  Check the Un-Mom for more random thoughts.


Staci said...

I guess you could have responded by saying, "Did they give the snow spirits back?"

My cocker spaniel likes to stay by the door, too. I think it's because the floor there doesn't have carpet and the weather stripping on the bottom is a little bent so she feels the air there. She keeps a brown spot on the corner where she sits, but I like to tell myself it's dirt, not poo. I don't get so grossed out then when I clean it.

The pug's adorable. I've always wanted one. I think my chihuahua mix might have a tiny bit of pug in him, but just a bit.

Brian Miller said...

the sleeping under the porch quote made me smile.

hope the foot continues to heal. :(

love that line by the kids...no response necessary, just nod. lol.

otin said...

aww, two sick kids at once :(

You got 10 bucks in the bank? That is 10 more than me! lol

I do wash my hands, I was only asking a question! haha

McGillicutty said...

Why do kids want to know if we're poor or not? Mine are the same and I tell them we're rich with love.. they just groan!!!
Dogs are just weird, you of all people should know that. :)

The Fragrant Muse said...

Chili is precious! How is it that pugs take the most wonderful photos, even when they are being baaaaaaad? Now I want to post a photo of my Sassy!

Doc said...

$10 bucks in the bank is enough... Kids will say whatever is on their mind won't they?

The Fragrant Muse said...

Okay, I did a post about my pug today that was inspired by your Chili!
Here's the link:

Erin said...

Aren't dogs the best?!!? We love ours.

p.s. Loved the movie UP!!! Thank goodness my kids were too little to "get" the beginning part. They didn't understand why Mommy was crying!