Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm Matilda

Hi.  My name is Matilda.  But I'm usually called Tilley.  I'm homeless right now, but that's ok.  Things have been worse.  Let me tell y'all 'bout it.

Just last month I was on death row in Georgia.  I don't know what I did to deserve such a sentence.  But I was there nonetheless.   I was scheduled to go to the gas chamber there with a bunch of other dogs.  But I was rescued at the last minute from that horrible fate.  Several rescue operations worked hard to get me, my son, Spencer, and a bunch of other dogs out of there before it was too late.  I ended up in a van with several other dogs and we ended up in this great place in Illinois.  That was about a week before Christmas.

I'm still waiting for someone to invite me into their family.  But while I wait, I have the opportunity to be fostered by a family.  They have 2 great dogs (Ginger and Sassy).  Sassy actually came to the shelter yesterday and picked me over all the other dogs she met.  They also have a cat.  He's fine, I guess.  I don't really pay much attention to cats.  I kind of have a "Live and let live" attitude about them.  There are 3 boys in the house too.  A teenager and two younger ones.  I like kids.  But I am a little scared of them at first.  As soon as I know they aren't going to pull my tail or pick me up and toss me around, I'm fine.

I'm a good dog.  As you can see, I have beautiful brown eyes and a sleek black coat.  I'm petite.  I'm pretty laid back but I do get excited about playing.  I think I'd do well in just about any family situation.  I'd be a good companion for an older person and I'd make a good family pet as I'm gentle around kids.

So, ya see, even though I'm homeless, things are going pretty well for me.  I hope that my forever family finds me soon.  But until then, I'll be warm and well-fed.  I'll have toys and kids and dogs to play with.  I'll have a couch to nap on.  What more could a dog want?