Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Hour Friday

Play along with Otin and Bambi (Mr. Linky thing on Otin's site)!  Friday is a great day to be happy!

1. I'm happy to be participating in the Blog Camp Flickr 365 in 2010 thing.  I've been using my camera lots and getting some fun (although not at all professional) shots.  They are on my Flickr, which you can get to by clicking the thing above, if you're interested. :)

2. I'm not really happy to have a second snow day in a row, but I'm happy with some of the pictures I got of the kids in the snow.  I caught youngest yelling "Help!  I can't get up!" like the little kid in A Christmas Story.  Then I got a pic of his big brother helping him up.

3. I'm happy that I've got the Ladies Night Out scrapbooking thing tonight.  It doesn't involve wine, which is too bad, but it's been fun anyway.

4. I'm happy my scale said I was down a pound today.  Not much, but every little bit helps.

5. I'm happy my sister bought me a gift for her birthday.  It's a great little clock she found on Etsy.  The creator made it from an old computer part (hard drive, maybe?), an old CD, and some cool embellishments.  Isn't it cool?  I guess we may have started something with the gift on each other's b-day.  I gave her a bracelet I found at a cool little shop in Reno on my birthday.  It was perfect for her.

I hope you have something to be happy about today.  Play along!


Little Ms Blogger said...

Wait, your sister bought YOU a gift for her birthday? Hmmmm....I might have to suggest this idea to my sister.

otin said...

The scale being down a pound is definitely a reason to be happy!

I bet the kids are happy to have 2 snow days in a row?

Brian Miller said...

nice on the down a pound...and have a great time tonight! happy friday!

smiles4u said...

What a cool idea with you and your sister giving each other gifts on your birthdays. Very neat idea. Your snow pictures look so fun. I love snow pictures which is good since I live where we have lots of it. Losing a pound is something to be happy pound at a time right? Hope you have fun at your scrapbooking party! And happy friday!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I accidentally killed my blog on Friday evening, so I'm finally now getting a chance to catch up with Happy Hour! :)

How fun you two are buying gifts for each other on your own birthdays! I think that's a cool tradition to start! :)

Loved the snow shots - wish we'd get 2 snow days in a row! We only got 2-inches on Friday morning, so Princess Nagger only had a 2-hour delay. But that made me happy, because she slept in 2 hours giving me a nice quiet morning! ;)

rxBambi said...

see? you're giving me the bracelet was a great idea! We should continue the tradition. I'll expect a gift in may.

I'm happy you played HHF with us!