Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Hi All,
Today is Wednesday so I've decided to play along with Little Ms Blogger and do a Rant and Rave Wednesday.  Check out her blog, I'm sure she's ranting and raving today!

Rant: I can't seem to keep up with everybody on the great little questions.  But Ali of Inner Ramblings of a Mid-Life Momma asked a great question the other day about favorite christmas decorations.  I'm late, but here're some of mine:  1. Santa made from seashells from our friends Uncle Charlie and Aunt Eleanor.  They brought it back from Grand Cayman.

2. Handmade ornament by my dear hubby when he was but a boy. 
 3. Hawaiian Santa (?!)
Rave: Great idea, Ali!  Sorry I'm late. :)
Rant: I can't figure out how to put my pictures where I want them in my post.  I must be doing something wrong!

Rant: I'm sick today.  I hate being sick.  Mom's are not allowed to be sick.  Does anyone do the laundry, or the dishes, or the whatever-needs-to-be-done when Mom is sick?  No.

Rave: My 7-year-old came down crying this morning.  When I asked him what was wrong he said he was frustrated because he was trying to put new sheets on his bed (we have bed-wetting issues) but couldn't get them on right.  I was so surprised and proud and happy that he'd even think of doing that himself!  (I went up to investigate and found that he was trying to put queen-sized sheets on his twin bed.  That was the problem, poor guy).

Rant: Laundry (including 2 sets of sheets and 2 blankets that were clean when I put them on the beds last night).

Rave: High capacity washer and dryer that will hold two sets of sheets and at least one of the blankets.

Rant: George is a pacer.  He seems to have a hard time just settling down.  He flops his big (adorable) feet.  Plop, plop, plop, around and around and around the room.  I have to put him in is kennel at night or he paces around all night!

Rave: George is the sweetest little thing.  It shouldn't matter that he has neurological issues.  He needs a home.  Is there anyone out there who wants a super sweet, totally house-broken (absolutely no accidents in the house yet!), completely quiet lover with a few neurological problems?  He'd give you more than enough love and joy to make up for them!

I guess I could come up with more, but the washer is done so I've got to tend to the laundry, and do a bazillion other things before I give out.  Have a great Wednesday!  Thanks for stopping by!


otin said...

Aww, being sick sucks!

Impressed at the 7 year old changing sheets.

in order to move your pictures around you need to paste them in the html mode. At least that is how I do it.

Laundry does suck.

McGillicutty said...

Woo Hoo I love the Hawaiian Santa with the big droopy package!!! HAHAHAHAHA Thanks for sharing.. hope you feel better soon!!! xoxoxx

Barb said...

Hawaiian Santa is from when our parents spent Christmas there one year when all of the kids (us) were with our hubby's families...

Great rants and raves!

Ps- this is Bambi :)

Little Ms Blogger said...

Sorry you're sick and that the cleaning fairy hasn't come to visit.

Rave about the washer - I love mine.

Rave - love that you join in the fun.

julochka said...

i could definitely rant about the laundry too. the worst part is that it just never ends. and i think i have to go buy more baskets b/c i can't keep up with putting it away....

日月神教-任我行 said...