Monday, November 30, 2009

This is George

This is George.  Yup, he's our newest foster dog.  But there something different about this foster experience.   You see, George is not available for adoption just now.  He's got some medical issues.  Most likely he had distemper as a puppy that caused permanent neurological damage.  Or maybe he was just born this way.  Anyway, he walks funny, his eyelids don't work so when he blinks a little membrane from the corner of his eye goes up in a reptilian  sort of way, his breathing isn't right, and I think he may have some digestive issues.  But, OMG, he is the sweetest thing ever.  And he doesn't bark.  Kim and Jackie said they have never heard him bark.  I don't know if he can't or just doesn't.  But it's really nice to have a quiet dog around for a change.  
George has actually had a pretty good life so far.  He was rescued as a little baby with his mom and litter mates.  He's now a year old and has spent that year in the care of the good people at Hope Rescues.  I don't think they expected him to live this long.  And something the vet said makes them think he won't have a normal life span.  Those are the main reasons why he has not been put up for adoption like his mom and siblings.  
We picked him up on Saturday.  And he is doing great.  We have not had a single accident in the house.  He loves Ginger and Sassy (Sassy's not that fond of him).  He's quiet.  He's friendly.  He's interested in his surroundings.  (The kids have been calling him Curious George.)  He's interested in the cat, but not to the point of trying to eat him.  The only thing is that he needs to learn what he's allowed to chew on and what he's not supposed to chew on.
Maybe this time in our house (I guessing at least 'til Christmas) will 1. give him the chance to see what it's like to live with a family and 2. prove to us and to Hope that he would make a good pet.  Maybe then he could be considered for adoption.  That would be great.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

He looks very sweet. I'm glad to hear he's doing better.

Life without dogs would suck.

Brian Miller said...

cute markings...hope he does well and finds a home!

rxBambi said...

he is really so damn cute. I think you should keep him.

otin said...

Aww, someone needs to adopt George!!!!!