Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Thanks to Little Ms Blogger, we can rant and rave on Wednesdays!  Go check her out.  She's always funny.   And Rxbambi has some good ones too.  

Santa said last week that I couldn't have any more rants until after Christmas.  So I guess I'll just rave.

* Rave: hmmm.
ok, ok,
* Rave: I'm just about done buying Christmas presents.  We are not really going overboard this year, so it wasn't too hard.

* Rave: I still have one kid that believes in Santa!

* Rave: I was totally glad to see that Mean Owen did another post!  Check him out. :)

* Rave: I stopped by Hope Rescues yesterday and got the scoop on Tommy's new home.  It's on several acres, with a family of totally devoted "dog people".   He's got 2 doggie siblings, both girls, who have already put him in his place.  (he needs that, according to Jackie).  And he's as happy as can be.  A true rags-to-riches story if I ever heard one.  Go to the website and read his story on "Tommy's page"  if you don't know it.  But be prepared to cry, tears both of heartbreak and of joy.

I may add some more raves as the day goes on.  Thanks to Santa I won't be giving any bad thoughts long enough to rant!
Happy Wednesday!


Elin said...

I'm so glad that Tommy found a good home. He looks like such a fun puppy! I really wish that there were stiffer consequences for animal abusers.

rxBambi said...

Rave: You gave me a shout out!! You totally rock.

Rant: you forgot to sign LMBs mr linky. Naughty naughty

Rave: will go check out mean owen.

Brian Miller said...

hooray for tommy! and my kids still believe as well though the oldest has been asking...

otin said...

You gave Spambi a shout out?? haha!

Good thing on Tommy getting a home.

I need to go see Mean Owen!

Little Ms Blogger said...

That's the best news about Tommy. That story broke my heart and I only hope his previous owners never get another dog.

I will check out Mean Owen.

Goose said...

Yay for Tommy!!!