Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Thanks to Little Ms Blogger, we can all rant and rave about stuff on Wednesdays.  What a great way to get it all out there!  Thanks LMB!

Rant: Sassy doesn't seem to like our foster dog George all that much.
Rave: Ginger is playing with George as I write and they are having a great time.  Maybe Ginger does like him, despite the growling when he tries to steal her toys.

Rant: George needs to be wormed again.  I didn't feel like making the 30 mile round trip to the shelter to get the med, so I asked my vet here for it.  He wouldn't give it to me without seeing George, then he charged me a $40 office visit on top of the charge for the drug.  I'm fine that he needed to see George.  It is a prescription and all.  But I didn't really think it was fair to charge me for the visit when George didn't need an exam.  He didn't even check for worms or eggs.  Just took my word for it.

Rave: I like that I don't have to kennel George when I go out.  He's (almost) completely housebroken and I haven't had a problem leaving him out.
Rant: I am tired of cleaning up puke, though.  Poor George.  Because of his neurological problems, he coughs and pukes alot.  I know he can't help it.
Rave:  At least he does try to clean it up whenever he pukes. :)

Rave: I'm glad my friends and I got our book club back together.  We met at a friend's house last night.  Talked about our kids.  Drank wine.  Ate snacks.  And chose 3 books to read during the next 3 months.  We are going to read The Girls From Ames this month.  Looks like it will be a good one.  I'll let you know.
Rant: Bambi was busy being a bingo rockstar last night so she didn't come to book club.

Rave: I have Bunko tonight, which is just a hoax.  It's basically just girls night out.  Tonight we are exchanging gifts.  It's supposed to be a funny gift.  I'm bringing a Snuggie.  (oops, hope none of the bunko girls read my blog!)

Rave: My 13 year old kid went to the bingo thing with Bambi last night and was actually helpful.

Rant: I need to catch up on laundry (as in clothes), but I have two sets of wet bedding to wash from last night and one set from the night before.  I need the pediatric urologist to come to my house and do my laundry!
Rave: Neither of the kids (7 and 8) woke up wet in the middle of the night to tell me about it.  We all found out together in the morning when I woke them up.
Rant: This bedwetting thing is really hard on their self-esteem.  It especially bothers the 8-yr-old, who is already a really sensitive kid.
Rave: I've been able to keep my exasperation about the excess laundry to myself (and you!) so that they don't know how much I hate this!!!!

Well, I guess that's it for this week.  I'm off to strip beds and get that washer a-goin!


Little Ms Blogger said...

Rave: At least he does try to clean it up whenever he pukes. :)

Okay, that would gross me out if I saw enough times and be a rant.

Bunko..I've always wanted to learn how to play.

julochka said...

i hope that's a dog toy between his paws and not a big hunk of another dog!! 'cause that would probably be quite traumatic for the kids. :-)

rxBambi said...

Rave: You're playing R&RW :)

I kinda have to agree with LMB about the puke... it's kinda gross, even if he is helpful

otin said...

I used to let the dog in the house to clean out the litter box when I was a kid. lol

Bambi gets to have all of the fun!!

Barb said...

Otin, mmmm, kitty roca! My dogs love that too. I had to get a covered litter box to keep them out!

Barb said...

LMB, we never actually play bunko. I'm not sure I even remember!

Julochka, it's a toy. But we did have to rescue one of the kids' homework from him!

Bambi, it was worse when he tried to taste his poo! But I stopped him before he could do it. UCK!

Brian Miller said...

i was going to say dog puke is nasty and then i read he almost ate his poop...there goes dinner.

enjoy the night out!

Santa Claus said...

HO HO HO! No more rantings until after Christmas!!

tori said...

jealous of the book club and bunko...left both of those in kalamazoo :(
been there done that with the bed wetting. I feel your pain. hang in there!

McGillicutty said...

There are bunko games right here in my hood and I'm yet to be invited!!!! What's up with that???? I did MOPS and JSL so why no bunko!!!! you hit a nerve and have made me moody for the rest of the day!!! Send me something nice to make up for it.. not a puppy.