Saturday, October 31, 2009


This is Tommy.  I've copied the notice about him and the pictures strait from the Hope Rescues website.  I just don't understand people sometimes.  You don't have to love dogs if you are not a "dog person".  But this?  Unbelievable.

Every time we think we have seen the worst of what people can do to an animal we are proven wrong.  This poor dog was starved nearly to death, beaten, burned, and had an extension cord that had grown into his neck tearing at his flesh. Then to top it off his owner simply put him out with the trash, literally.  Tommy was found by the trash man as he dumped the can into the truck.  Hope Rescues rushed to his aid and took him to Horseshoe Lake Animal Hospital where he is today for immediate medical attention.
The staff have commented on how he wags his tail non stop, and gives kisses to anyone who will allow him to give 
them a kiss, even though he must be in unbearable pain.  
Hope Rescues is working with the Cahokia police department to try and bring this barbaric person or persons to 
justice.  In the meantime we ask that you pray for Tommy, he will be undergoing surgery, and will have a long road to 
recovery ahead of him.
When you go home tonight, give your own pet a longer hug, and a softer pat on the head, and be thankful that they are 
with you and not with someone who would do them harm.
If you have any information on the person or persons who may have done this please call Lieutenant James Jones


rxBambi said...

that is so sad... those people should be castrated

Snap said...

Poor Tommy. I'll be sending good vibes his way. People who do things like this are sociopaths. Sooner or later, they will do something equally horrible to a two legged creature and then, perhaps, people will do something about them.

Snap said...
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Brian Miller said...

this hurts my heart...

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Awwww! Poor Tommy! I just don't understand how people can be so cruel. So glad he was rescued!

Little Ms Blogger said...

How can anyone do something like this?

This post literally brought tears to my eyes. Please let us know if Tommy gets adopted and if he heals.