Thursday, October 1, 2009

Everyone does not love a Snickers

Queen Sassy here.  I have to disagree with Barb's last post.  Everyone does not love a Snickers!  Why is she here?  She has completely disrupted my life.  Sure, she's cute and all.  But I'm the one who deserves all the love and attention!  And she's been playing with my toys, chewing on my blankets, and loving on my boys.  

I thought my life would get back to normal after Happy Gilmore found his forever home.  He was here 5 long weeks.  But last we heard, he was being loved and adored by his new family.  Good.  I never really liked that dog.  He was always playing with my toys and my boys.  Now this.  Why do they need another dog around here?   Plus, she got to go to the gym with Barb today.  Something about socialization or some such.  Ginger and I would love to go.  But did we get to?  NO!
OK.  I guess she really is pretty cute.  And, as far as puppies go, she's very calm and sweet.  But I'm the queen here.  Would one of you kind-hearted people PLEASE take her home with you?
Thanks.  Don't forget to love your dogs!


Otin said...

I wish I could, but I already have two dogs and that is more than I can handle!

rxBambi said...

Sassy, you have so much love in you, I bet you could love Snickers if you had to... And I love you!