Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rhyming Wednesday

Rhyming Wednesday! 
I was inspired by Otin's poem.  So I thought I'd do a quick one.

My little Happy boy
He's cute as he can be.
So why, I ask myself
Does he still live with me?

We finally got some meds
So his poop's no longer loose.
He usually pees outside
And he hardly ever pukes.

So if you need a lover
One who walks on all fours
Call or come on over
Happy Gilmore is all yours


McGillicutty said...

So what's the deal? does he stay with you 'til he finds a real home or is there some kind of "death row" thing going on here? sorry, I just want to know!!! he's sooo cute but the babies (my shitzzies) can't have another!!!!

Hit 40 said...

OMG!! What a hoot!!

Barb said...

McGillicutty, Happy Gilmore is a foster dog for a rescue group called Hope Rescues in Alton, IL ( - check them out!). We will keep Happy here until he finds a forever home. If, for some reason, we couldn't keep him here, Hope would keep him either in another foster home or at a boarding facility they run. They are a no-kill rescue, so if he never finds a home, he'll stay with Hope.

otin said...

I love it! You should join me on wednesdays every week!