Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rhyming Wednesday

It's rhyming Wednesday.  I'm not a poet, and I know it.  But I wrote a little rhyme based on the current positions and occupations of my dogs.  It's a dog's life!

Ginger's laying on the floor
Sassy's on the chair
Happy's sleeping on the couch
None has a care to spare

These sweet dogs are the lucky ones
they run, they lounge, they play
They've been out already for a walk
And they've been fed good food today

Well, that's it.  It doesn't seem finished.  And I know it's terrible.  But I can't just sit here all day and wait for the muse to show up.  I've got dishes to do (the dish washer is doing them).  I've got laundry to do (the washer and dryer are both hard at work).  The floor needs sweeping and vacuuming (well, I've got Roomba working on that).  I guess I'll just go eat lunch!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I like this! 'Tis a fun poem but I think you're right...seems like something is missing...plenty of room to add on. Just do what I'd do: think like them. Really! It can work :)

rxBambi said...

haha I think it's good. Just add a bit about poop and you'll be set :)

Goose said...

Do you really have a roomba? How well does it work?

Barb said...

Goose, I love my Roomba. It is great at picking up all the dog hair. It will miss a few spots, but it's great for in-between vacuuming.

Goose said...

Oh man I need a roomba for all the car hair. Can it climb stairs? By the way, I know Bambi. I work with her at the pharmacy she fills in for

otin said...

Don't listen to Bambi when she is talking about poop! LOL!

Goose said...

I meant cat hair before, not car hair...stupid texting from the iphone!