Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Fostering 2

We've now had Happy Gilmore for about 48 hours.  The "no accidents" phase didn't last.  But I don't think either "accident" was his fault.  The first one was yesterday morning.  I wanted to give him a bath, so I decided to bathe him, then take a quick shower afterwards.  I planned to take him outside before his bath, but my neighbor was on the sidewalk chatting with someone I didn't know.  I was in my jammies and I didn't want to have to deal with Ginger barking at someone while I was holding onto Happy with one hand and my pajama pants with the other (they are too big.  I have to hold them).  So we went up for a bath.  Then while I was in the shower I heard screams from downstairs - "MOM!  HAPPY PISSED ON THE FLOOR!!!  Accident #1 - totally my fault.
Then I had to go to my workout (the one Bambi skipped).  So I put Happy in his kennel.  When I got home there was an overwhelming stench wafting out the door.  See, my 13-yr-old had gotten home and taken Happy out of his kennel.  He did take him out, but then left him unattended while he went to the bathroom.  He didn't even realize (he must have no sense of smell) what Happy had done.  He pooped (several pudding-like piles) on the living room carpet.  Accident #2, not really DS's fault, but not Happy's fault either.
Today we've had no accidents!
And Happy seems to be settling in.  
Since it's Tuesday, I thought I'd do a few random thoughts like Bambi does, but will make them "Happy" thoughts
  • He can curl himself into the smallest little ball when he is sleeping
  • He seems to have some separation anxiety - he cries when I leave the room
  • Sassy doesn't like him too much, she's given him several warning growls
  • He sounds like a hound dog but he's pretty quiet all in all
  • Someone saw him yesterday at the pet store and asked me for the website address
  • He's a chewer
  • I'm trying not to fall in love with him


otin said...

How could you not fall in love with that little dog? You will, don't fight it! hehe

rxBambi said...

Ummm, actually I'm skipping all of august. Sorry. But beginning in september I'll be there with you 3 days a week.
And trying not to fall in love, just do it. He's adorable!

otin said...

Bambi is talking about me again! Oh, maybe it was the dog? LOL!

McGillicutty said...

Oh lord i don't know how you can share your house with him and not become totally attached???? he's cute and I bet he is just as sweet as can be. I why would sis throw a skeleton on your ceiling?? that's just rude!!

Goose said...

hey, I'm RxBambi's friend and I just started a new blog. She suggested I look at yours. I think its great you are fostering and Happy is adorable. Meds for the worms should definitely help!

Hit 40 said...

My fat cat tigger is not always nice to the skinny cat. He just wants all the food in the house to himself.

Your son is ready to be a husband... ignoring all the smells and messes!! He is perfectly trained.