Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Fostering 1

This is Happy Gilmore.  He is our new foster dog.  He comes to us from Hope Rescues in Alton, IL.  First of all, yes, we are crazy!  We have 2 dogs already (Ginger and Sassy) as well as a cat (Spooky).  So why do we have a foster dog?  Because we are crazy!! I just said that!
But, seriously, we wanted to be able to do something constructive for one of the best organizations we know.  And they always need more space to rescue more dogs (and cats).  If dogs are in foster, there is more space.
We are hoping he'll find his own home soon.  He's cute as a bug's ear and a full-blooded beagle.  In 24 hours we've had no potty accidents, so I'm thinking he's house-broken.   I'm optimistic he'll have a home to call his own soon.
Until then, I thought I'd share the chaos.
Sassy's not too sure this is such a good idea.  She has spent some time sulking in the corner of the kitchen and she's given Happy a warning growl or two.  Ginger, on the other hand, just goes with the flow.
First thing we have to do is change his food.  The food he's been eating produces some pretty rude smells.  The first of which happened in the car on the way home.  It was a crazy scene of boys blaming each other, screams of disgust, uncontrollable giggles, enthusiastic congratulations, and windows rolled down to let in the 97 degree heat.  Then later the deposit he made in the yard was not one that can be easily picked up.  Besides, he likes Ginger and Sassy's food.  It's herring and sweet potato.  Gourmet!
Day one ended with some complaints about having to sleep in his kennel.  But he soon settled down for the night and there was brief respite from the chaos.  Stay tuned.


rxBambi said...

Awwww... so cute. I think #6 and I will head over and love him. And the girls of course, so they know we still love them...

otin said...

"In 24 hours we've had no potty accidents, so I'm thinking he's house-broken"

I have had this said about me before! LOL!