Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday 12-7-10

Hey Everyone!  Just gonna do a quickie random today 'cause I gotta write a final exam, go to physical therapy, take a friend to Sam's, figure out what's for dinner, plan a review for tomorrow, and try to meditate this headache away since the ibuprofen isn't touching it.
Oh, and I need to do some laundry and get the house cleaned up.  The dog walking will have to wait.
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So I was gonna get rid of this one-eyed bear.  But the kids can't bear the thought of it (heehee, I made a funny) and Chili loves to sleep on it.  So I stuck him in the corner.  

Had a friend do the lecture in my class today.  It was the human reproduction and development lecture.  He's an OB/GYN.  So when he said he'd like to do a lecture, I gave him the sex one.  That way I didn't have to say penis and vagina in front of 100 undergraduates.  But they were all very well behaved.  Even asked questions!

Did I mention my head hurts?  I mentioned it to my loving hubby.  He told me he was tired of my bitching.  So I told him to go to hell.  Hope there weren't any students around.  'Cause we were totally joking around with each other.  At least he was. :)

The dogs keep messing with the Christmas tree skirt.  I guess I should check it for wet spots.  Chili will pee on any blanket, jacket, shirt, etc. that is left on the floor.  

Don't you hate it when you start to clean something like the blinds, then you start seeing all kinds of dust in the curtains, on the windowsill, etc., that has probably been there a long time but you never noticed?  So now you have to spend twice as much time trying to get all that dust than you meant to?  And you're supposed to be picking up so you can do the real cleaning later?  Me too.

Did I mention my head hurts.  OK.  I'll stop my bitching.  And I won't even tell you to go to hell.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday.  Check out Keely at theunmom.com, link up and play along!


Coffeypot said...

I don‘t blame you for not wanting to say penis and vagina in from of a bunch of college kids. Dick and Cunt is more inline with their language. What? Go where???

VandyJ said...

Hope your head ache goes away soon. And I'd definitely check the skirt.

Kimber Leszczuk. said...

Great post! I am a returning student going back to school after taking several years off. I can't believe how some of the college kids act these days! OMG I don't blame you for not wanting to say penis and vagina in front of them.

jane said...

hope you feel better soon! and have a great weekend!