Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday 12-21-10

Hey all!  I'm playing along with Keely over at the UnMom today.  Link up and play along, if you dare!

What has your child learned at school today?  Well, I'm so proud of my ninth-grader!  He's learned that if you get a pack of smarties and smash them up into powder, you can suck the power in through the end of the wrapper and blow it out like smoke.

Had a kid home sick for several days.  He ran a fever 5 days in a row.  Doc said it was just a virus and we'd have to wait it out.  If I get it, and if I run a fever for 5 days, I want to be waited on hand-and-foot and be allowed to lay around and whine the whole time.  Not that any of MY kids would do that.

The doc lives just down the street from us.  I try not to ever bother him at home.  But I was ready to let him have my feverish kid for a day or two over the weekend!

We also have an emergency room doc and an OBGYN in our neighborhood.  And a dentist.  No vet, though.  Hmmm.

I have got to get my Christmas shopping and wrapping done!  I'm not even sure what I have anymore.  That's one thing about having kids at Christmas.  They count presents.  And it doesn't matter if one kid gets a present worth more than a Rolex, while another one gets the Blue Light Special.  It's all about the numbers.  But I know how to get around that.  Just wrap two things together if you need to reduce the pile of one kid to match the piles of the others.  Or divide.  Wrap each sock separately.  :)

Speaking of socks, my oldest said, in his most disgusted tone, "Mom, don't be a geek and give us socks and underwear for Christmas again."  So guess what I got at Old Navy yesterday.  Yup.  You're so smart!

Are you a "theme" tree decorator?  My sister has a lovely tree at her house.  Huge, but lovely.  It has a theme of sorts.  Our tree, though very festive, has no theme.  It's mostly covered with ornaments the kids have made over the last few years, with a few from our childhood thrown in.  Maybe when the kids are grown I'll do a theme tree.  But for now the kids' ornaments are just fine.  And they are proud of them.

K.  That's enough random.  And I've got to get those boxers out of the car and get them wrapped up before any of the boys get home!!

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Coffeypot said...

I think your tree has a theme...'US'. It's all about the family, past and present.

VandyJ said...

I could never get away with a theme tree. Two boys demand that the tree be family instead.

rach said...

My stepmom does a theme tree every year. Its nice to look at, but its a waste of perfectly good ornaments! I'm all about mismatched ornaments, the random bits that bring back memories of a specific year or a time and place. That beats a theme tree in my book everytime!

or you could just do two trees. I don't think my husband would let me get away with that one though haha!