Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday 12-28-10

Hey All.  I'm playing random along with Keely today.  Link up and play along!

Why is it that every year I say I'm not going to make any resolutions, yet in my own head I've made at least 10 of them?  I'm just lying to myself (and everyone else) out loud and only telling the truth inside.  I think it may be because I don't want anyone to see my total failure. :)

How to I let the kids talk me into buying them more stuff right after Christmas?  I mean, they did spend their own money, mostly, but still.  Do they really need one more $70 lego set?  G-ma only gave them $50 to spend (well, she really gave them $100, but I'm putting the other $50 in their savings accts), so they had to dig into their allowance.

I went across the street today to talk to a neighbor.  She invited me in.  She is so sweet and I like her a lot.  I just wouldn't want her to come to my house and hope to be invited in.  It's always a disaster while hers is always immaculate.  True her kids are grown mostly and mine are little (yells to kids "get those legos picked up in the living room!  and don't leave all those plastic bags on the floor!").  But I'm sure it's mostly because she is a good housekeeper and I am not.

We'll be trying the whole foods thing again this January (see last year's post about it here).  The kids are really excited about it. NOT!  We have got to get these kids eating real food once in a while.  I'm ashamed at the number of chemicals I feed those kids every day.  And these last two weeks it has been even worse.

Well, go see Keely and visit some of the other randomness available.  Thanks for stopping by!


Keely said...

I've secretly resolved things, too.

Okay, WISHED. If I resolved to do them I might actually have to do some work.

Stacy Uncorked said...

I'm with you - I'll keep my resolutions in my head so no one will see me fail. ;)

I used to have a neatly kept house like your neighbor and didn't hesitate to invite people in...now with the messes hubby and Princess Nagger leave behind, no one gets invited in. ;)

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tori said...

so glad my lego days are over (at least until grandkids) I used to use a broom to sweep them up on the carpet...it works well, try it.
you should invite your neighbor over for two reasons
1. it will bring back memories of how messy her house was when her kids were little.
2. it will make her feel good about having a clean house...because really, that's the only reason my house is a mess and i let others see it that way...i'm all about boosting other peoples egos.
have a great new year!!