Friday, December 3, 2010

Can You Tell Who This Is?

Can you tell?
Look closely.  These creatures are made out of Yu-Gi-Oh (or are they Pokemon?) cards.  A guy and his pet.  Give up?  He lives in a pineapple under the sea.  Got it now?  Yup.  My younger two kids made SpongeBob and Gary out of cards.  Pretty darn creative, huh?  And I'd say they did a pretty good job, too.
Here's a pic of the proud artists.
They were told to find something to do other than watch TV or play video games.  Does it count that they made TV characters out of the cards?  It's funny how they moan and cry and insist they have nothing to do if they can't watch TV.  Then when they are faced with the reality that they can't watch TV, they find something to do.
Recently, they were told they couldn't watch TV until their rooms were clean.  They were horrified.  But did they get up there and clean their rooms?  No.  They got out the nerf guns and had an epic battle in the upstairs hallway.  The battle scene included barricades made from pillows and blankets.  Even their big brother got into it.
So.  Is there a lesson here for me?  Oh, yeah.  If I don't let my kids veg in front of the TV, they will make a mess.  So I guess TV must be good for them!  As we speak (well, as I write and you read) they are watching SpongeBob.  They are not using their imaginations to make a mess out of the house.  They are not playing with the $40 nerf guns they insisted they had to have.  They are not riding their bikes or scooter outside (well, it's dark and cold out there at the moment. )  They are asking for ice cream (watching TV makes you fat?  whoever heard of such crazy talk).  Hmmm.

Well, I guess I'd better run up to Motomart after some ice cream.  Otherwise, they may get bored and decide to go clean up their rooms!

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mean_owen said...

Impressive artwork! Actually, I don't quite see Gary, but the SpongeBob is spot on.