Thursday, November 18, 2010

Theme Thursday 11-18-10

Hi All.  Thanks for stopping by today!  I'm playing along with Theme Thursday.  You can find others participating here.  Come on!  Play along.  It's an easy way to get a theme for your blog post today.

So the theme today is Food.

Last week was the end of the season at our CSA garden.  What a great harvest.  The baby beets were delicious.  There's a ton of salad greens - our farmers, Crystal and Eric, planted a bunch of really interesting salad greens.  There are spicy ones and mild ones, red ones and green ones.  It makes salad eating fun.  Some of them look like nothing I'd consider putting in a salad but they are wonderful.

We tried kolrabi for the first time.  That was interesting. And I used the basil to make a great pasta and shrimp dish.  (the kids, who all love shrimp, were a little turned off by the green sauce.  Pearls before swine....)

I loved the produce we got this season.  The unusually hot and dry summer made for a challenging season for our farmers.  But they did a great job.  And it's there first year.  I think they've got more of a feel for what people are gonna want next year and I'm looking forward to it.  Hopefully, I get a few more fresh fruits and veggies and a few fewer chemicals into the kids.  That's the goal.  

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a great Thursday.


Kim, USA said...

I love love fresh vegetables. Your photo is beautiful!
Theme Thursday

Anonymous said...

Love fresh veggies!

Kate Hanley said...

I did a share in a produce thing once, like CSA. I had so much fun figuring out what to do with all the greens. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photographs! I wish I belonged to your CSA

Anonymous said...

Fresh vegetables are number one, and your photos tell it totally :-D
Have a great weekend!