Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sassy Sunday - (11-21-10)

Hello, Everyone.  Thanks for stopping by today for our (mostly) weekly Sassy Sunday.  Today I'm thinking about thankfulness.  Having and attitude of gratitude.  There's a lot for me to be thankful for.

1. A roof over my head.  Seems a bit cliche maybe.  But I am grateful to have a home.  We've had a few homeless dogs in our house over the last year or so.  They were all foster dogs from one rescue organization, Hope Rescues.  They've got a full house.  They always have a full house!  But at least these dogs all have a chance of finding a home.  We don't have a foster dog right now.  I guess I'm thankful about that.  We usually get the ones that annoy me.

2. Food.  Ok.  So it's not always the food I'd like to have.  Barb says she buys us the "good stuff" and mentions to us once in a while that it's expensive so we should be happy to eat it.  But it is dog food.  And right now she's feeding us DIET dog food.  I guess she thinks Ginger and Chili need to lose weight. But speaking of food, I'm particularly grateful for fresh fruits and veggies.  I love 'em!  If Barb gets the cutting board out, I'm there.  For some reason she won't give me grapes or onion or garlic.  But I love carrots, celery, turnips, brussels sprouts (really!), apples, pears, etc.

3. A yard.  Someone needs to tell Chili that if she'd poop in the yard (instead of the closet) she'd make all the humans happy.  But I'm glad to have a yard.  We've got an invisible fence so we can go out without a leash (except for Ginger, she had to be leashed lately 'cause she barks at people).  I love to run and chase stuff.

4. Blankets.  Especially fleece blankets.  These are the ones I love to chew on as I go to sleep.  I knead them like dough while I'm chewing.  It's very relaxing.  Sometimes Barb makes comments about them when she's cleaning up in the yard.  How rude.  But I'm thankful for them.

5. Couches.  I heard a crazy thing once.  Some dogs are not allowed on the couch.  How crazy is that.  I pretty much spend my days on the couch.

6. Ginger and Chili.  And all the humans in my life.  And my cousins Juneau, Kodi and Jenny.  Juneau and Kodi are American Eskimos.  They have these beautiful white coats.  Jenny is like me, a mix with a beautiful black coat.

I've got lots more to be thankful for.  But I don't want to bore you!  Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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