Monday, November 15, 2010

Sassy Sunday - on a Monday (11-15-10)

Good morning everyone!  Thanks for stopping by.  First, I'm sorry to be a day late on my post.  The thing is, I don't have my own computer and Barb spent a good part of the day working on hers.  She had to make up an exam for her students then she made up a game to play in class.  It's a Jeopardy game with questions from the chapters on the exam.  The students love it.  After she did it the first time, the students begged her to do it again.

Then before I could get on the computer, the other dogs and I got to take a trip to the dog park.  I've never been there when there were so many other dogs!  It was great.  We ran.  We played.  We sniffed.  It was great.  Here are some pics.
Chili running like a maniac

Look at all the dogs!
Ginger by the agility equipment.  We need Ace to show us how it's done.
Doesn't it look like we had a great time?  The only problem with this dog park, which is the closest to our house, is that it is about 15 miles away.   We need one in our town.

There's a bit of a struggle going on in our house right now.  The parents are telling the kids that they watch too much TV and play video games more than they should.  So yesterday Dad told the kids to turn off the TV at noon (they'd been up only a couple of hours but had done nothing but sit around in their pj's and watch TV) and they couldn't turn it back on until dinner-time.  (Not during dinner, mind you.  They turned it on while Mom was cooking.)
You should have heard the complaints out of those boys!  They had NOTHING to do.  But somehow they managed.  They played outside with the neighbor kids.  (Although the youngest tried to come in and get a Wii game to take over to the neighbor's house to play.  Saying the neighbor kid insisted.  It didn't work).  The played in the basement with their legos.   They have been working on a battle scene down there for months.  Their newest creation: a zip line.  Check it out.

They've got a great mix down there of toys.  Legos from several sets (Star Wars and Indiana Jones pieces in this pic).  They've got dinosaurs.  They've got ninjas.  They've got boxing robots.  And they've got a ton of plastic soldiers.  Kind of fun.  And they put it all together without the TV!  Amazing.

Well, speaking of those kids, it's getting on about 7 so it's time to get their lazy butts out of bed.  Chili usually helps with that.  Barb puts her up in their beds (a top bunk and a loft bed) and she tells them to get up.  I'd help but I can't jump that high and Barb says she can't pick me up.  Hmmp.

Thanks for stopping by today!


Coffeypot said...

The dog park is a great idea, but not having been to one, what do you do when two or more dogs get into a fight? Shoot them?

EmptyNester said...

How is it that I wasn't already following you? Geez, I've been missing out! I'm happily following now and can't wait to read some more posts! We have a dog park less than half a mile from our house and two more in town that takes about 5 minutes to get to each. But the BEST one is about 20 minutes away. It's HUGE and has a small, man-made lake that the dogs can swim in. It's awesome!

Barb said...

That dog park looks like fun. Maybe the tv addicted kids could take the dogs to the park once in a while. Kids and tv, eh? Quite a battle getting them off that.

tori said...

Not sure I can help you out with the agility course (some lady said I was naughty in class and wouldn't let me come play!) but I have lots of experience in dog parks! You should come visit me, we have lots of dog park where we live! So many smells and other dogs to play with, you'd love it! A couple even have places to swim (just for dogs! no humans allowed!)
We definately need to hang out!
woof! woof!