Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hi everyone.  Thanks for stopping by.

Today I was supposed to meet my 3rd-grader's class at the Watershed Nature Center for a field trip.  The Watershed is a community treasure.  All of the local schools do field trips there.  I didn't get the memo that they'd cancelled due to weather.  So I decided to walk the trail myself.  And since I had my camera with me.....
There is a beautiful walking trail through the woods.

There is an amphitheater.  And lots of birds.

and some other stuff
like a thousand wishes
Well, I gotta go pick up a kid.  Thanks for sharing the watershed with me! (I did see two people walking their dogs, but, for Ed's sake, did not take their pictures.)


Coffeypot said...

Looks like a good hunting area.

rxBambi said...

lol for Ed's sake haha

I love that bit about a thousand wishes, very nicely done.

you rock.

julochka said...

i think that the weather didn't look that bad....what's up with canceling? there's no bad weather, only the wrong clothing for the weather. :-)

Katherine said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! I was wondering who you were, then I realized- fellow blog camper!! Nice to see your blog.

Thanks again,
Katherine from Simply Natural Photography

McGillicutty said...

Beautiful pics... nice and green! love the thousand wishes... you're too sweet.