Monday, May 3, 2010

Memoir Monday

Hi All.  It's Monday (I know, Monday's half over.  But I had shit to do this morning!) so it's time for Memoir Monday, thanks to my good friend Travis .  Go check him out.  He loves it!

So I'll be telling y'all about TAR.  That stands for Tornado Alley Roundup and Bambi and I got to go and meet a great bunch of Tornado Alley bloggers that had come to St. Louis to bond with each other.  (that means drink).

So, Bambs and I show up Friday night at the hotel looking for a bunch of wise guys wearing TAR t-shirts. We didn't find any.  So we called Travis.  He said Ed and Coffeypot were there and asked Bambi what we were wearing.  We said nothing!  So he called Ed and told him to look for two naked ladies with big cameras.  He found us right away.  (it was the cameras that gave it away).  Ed pointed out Mr. Coffeypot and Bambi made her way over there and got comfortable.

We chatted awhile, got to know each other, took a tour of the hotel and waited for Travis, the missus, and Kid Funk to get there.  Finally, we got our shirts!  Here's Travis modeling his. :)

We headed over to the Hard Rock Cafe for some dinner.

Travis even did the YMCA song.

Then we headed back to the hotel (in the pouring rain) to have a nightcap and wait for Ms. Daffy to paddle in.

Here are Ed, Daffy and Kid Funk.  It was a really good think Daffy got there before Bambi and I had to leave.  She taught us some very important signs in sign language.  Here are Travis and Bambi practicing the sign for "penis".

Then, alas, it was time for us to leave.  But we had a great time.  I wish we'd have been able to join them on Saturday.  I'm most sorry, Jeff , that we didn't get to meet you!  If you want to know what they did to St. Louis that day, go see Ed or Travis.  They've both got their memoirs up!

Thanks for stopping by.


rxBambi said...

LOL! I forgot you took the penis picture! Too funny!
I just got mine up too... Agh! busy busy busy!

Ed said...

It was awesome meeting you ladies. Looking forward to seeing you again. Great pics.

Daffy said...

Barb! You got some great shots as well! It was super awesome to meet you all and thank thank thank you for sticking around long enough that I could meet you too!

Travis said...

I AM SO GLAD WE MET Y'ALL! Seriously, I had a blast learning how to sign penis. Can't wait to do it again!

Coffeypot said...

It was okay meeting you guys...but I AM SO GLAD YOU GOT TO MEET ME. Wasn't that just awesome?

I haven't been home long, but I will post something soon with pictures. I promise not to post any of the nude ones and the ones of you and Bambi dancing on the tables. My lips are sealed.