Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!  Thanks to the Un-mom , we have Random Tuesday Thoughts.  Go check her out, link up and play along. :)

Sunday was my birthday.  I'm almost in my mid-40's (being ONLY 44, I still consider myself in my early 40's, thank you very much.)  You may have noticed in my side bar that I am now a member of the over 40 bloggers.  That's thanks to my new bloggy friend Java .  Check out her site.  BTW, our lovely Ms. Bambi  isn't over 40 yet, so she can't join.  Although she is a member of AARP.  You'll have to ask her about that.

Speaking of Bambi, I'd like everyone to know how much I love her.  She's the bestest sister in the world and I just can't imagine not having her around.  I say this especially today because one my favorite bloggers, Daffy , has just lost her sister.  My heart goes out to Daffy.  If you have a sister or brother, go now, I'll wait, and send them a note telling them you love them.  Done?  Good.

Today I'm picking up our first share of veggies from a CSA garden that we joined this year.  What's CSA? That stands for community supported agriculture.  It's like a co-op.  You pay to have a share, go out and help pull weeds, or spread mulch, etc., (or pay a little extra if you don't have time to volunteer), then go get fresh, homegrown produce when it's ready.  We actually got some strawberries last week.  They were ready early.  We'll get more this week.  Good thing, 'cause they were amazing!  We'll also be getting lettuce, spinach, kale, radishes, baby carrots, pearl onions, pea shoots, pac choi, cilantro, lemon balm, spearmint, oregano, and savory.  Are you soooo jealous?  You can just imagine how excited the kids are!

Speaking of kids, we had to make an emergency trip to Wally World today.  Yesterday they decided to play in the water with the neighbor kids.  Great idea.  It was hot.  But they needed to have shoes on in the yards (we have dogs, plus one could always step on a bee or something).  So when they came home their sneakers (yes, the only pair they have that they can wear to school) were soaking wet.  I told them to put them on the deck to dry a little then I asked my hubby and kids to remind me to put them in the dryer later that evening.  See where this is going?  Yup.  I forgot (we all forgot) to put them in the dryer. So they are still soaking wet and the kids had no other sneakers to wear.  One of them didn't even have another pair of shoes to wear.  And the one that did, needs sneakers today because they are going on a walking field trip to the park.  I'm not a fan of Wal-mart.  But I have to say that I was glad it was there this morning.

Chili is feeling so much better.  Yesterday she was running around the yard like a puppy.  That made me smile.  And lessens the pain of the $600 surgery.

Well, that's it for today.  Have a great Tuesday!

UPDATE: Here's the produce we picked up today.  So my youngest, with the saddest puppy-dog eyes he could muster, and the corners of his mouth headed straight for the floor, asked, "So, does this mean we have to eat vegetables for dinner?"


Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! :)

Bambi is great - you two are awesome sisters to each other.

The CSA garden sounds cool - and now I'm hungry for strawberries! ;)

Sometimes Wal*Mart is a necessary evil. ;) Glad Chili's doing better!

Shocking Fence, Cuckoo's Nest, Spring Has Sprung

Coffeypot said...

I loved vegetables as a kid. I still do, especially raw. I love to peel a potato and eat it - with salt. Peel off cabbage leaves, again with salt, and munch like a deer in the garden.

Very cool about Chili, too.

rxBambi said...

awww shucks... I love you too. Not so happy about the aarp thingie, but I'll get into movies cheaper than you will so it's all okay.

I need to take a pic about the awesome giftie you got me. I think it's the best tradition EVER! hahahaha!!

maybe I'll do the csa thingie with you next year, but you'll have to convince mr bambi...


McGillicutty said...

I celebrated your birthday for you!! lol... my farmer wife girlfriend bought me some fresh 'taters out of her garden today. I really need ot pull my finger out and grow something other than weeds!!!
Hugs... xxx

Julie at ModernDayMiddleAge said...

Gorgeous produce pic ... did the boys eat any of it? I used to get a CSA box and I was the only one who ate anything out of it. I threw so much good food on my compost pile it made my heart hurt so I had to quit and plant a garden instead.

We have strawberries already, too! They are delish!

Happy birthday! I'm going for 47 in two weeks ... just thrilled about that!

Java said...

Happy belated Birthday Barb!! And thanks for the shout out in this post! You are so sweet!!!

And darn your younger then me..by 1 year! lol..

PS: I'm adding you to my blog roll!!

Java said...

Hi Barb!!
Come on over and join the fun!! All new for Friday!! Its the Follow Friday 40 and Over Blog Hop!
Make new friends and most of all...have fun!
Hope to see you there!!