Monday, May 10, 2010

Memoir Monday - Meeting More Bloggers!

Hey Everyone!  Monday yet again.  If you visited me last Monday, you'd have learned that I met several wonderful bloggers at the Tornado Alley Roundup 2010.  It was great!

Well, this past week I got to meet another one of my favorite bloggers.  Her name is Sara and her blog is Turning Stones.  I missed getting to meet her last year when she hosted Blog Camp Reno (Bambi was there) and again when I was in Reno over Christmas (although Bambi went to see her without taking me).  So this trip to Reno I made sure to call her and invite her to lunch.  She accepted and here we are with our other sometime (not-really) blogger Zena.  (and we called Bambi to make sure she knew we were having lunch without her.)  (But I'm not bitter about having missed blog camp Reno or the visit to Sara's at Christmas!)
I realized after this wonderful lunch that I'm wearing the same shirt I wore to the TAR party last weekend.  Maybe this should be my lucky-meeting-bloggers shirt.

Why was I in Reno? you may wonder.  Well, it wasn't just to meet Sara.  I was there to help my sister and mom unpack.  Ya see, my big sis just moved in with our "Outrageous Older Woman" mom.

(I stole borrowed this picture from Bambi so the focus is her issue)
(BTW, I love Bambi.  It may seem that I'm slamming her a bit this morning.  But really, I love her.  She's the best baby sis anyone could ask for!)

Here is a not so great cell-phone pic of what the dining room looked like when I got there.  Once we got down to it, we had all those boxes unpacked in less than a day.  Why had they been sitting there for over a week?  I guess my sister was just waiting for me to get there.  No wonder my mom was stressed and begged me to come help!  Anyway, I unpacked box after box for 3 and a half days.  When I left there was still a bit of a mess and lots of stuff that needed to be put away, but at least all of the boxes were cleared out of the dining room and mostly out of the kitchen.  

Combing households is never an easy thing to do.  I kept suggesting we donate stuff as I pulled it out of the boxes.  My sis was ready to donate me by the time I left.  But one combination from the two households seems to be working out just fine.  It started out a little tense, but as you can see, CJ (my mom's cat) and Missy (my sister's dog) are now friends.
Thanks for stopping by today.  Be sure to go see Travis for more Memoir Monday fun.  It's his baby and we love him for it!


rxBambi said...

Yeah you are kinda slamming me this morning. And I called you to go to Starbux with me too! What's the deal chick?? haha oh well...

glad you got to meet Sara and steal her as well as Zena away from me.

Love you lots and lots :)

McGillicutty said...

What in the world... firstly, Zena is a one time blogger not a sometime blogger... secondly, Sara is awesome, I get the feeling you and her would get along just nicely.
and finally... what the heck is your sister doing moving in with Laura.. that was my plan!!!! I should be the one sitting on the porch drinking wine while she knits. I'm pouting.

tori said...

sooo jealous of all the bloggie friends you got to meet! esp the tornado alley get together!
sounds like a lot of work with the move! you are very sweet to help unpack all those boxes. I still have a few over here too...