Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Little Ms. Blogger does a great Rant and Rave Wednesday.  A few other bloggers have joined in the fun so I thought I'd do it too!

* Rave: I love fostering dogs.  I get a great feeling knowing I'm helping out a worthy cause and I get to hang out with a homeless pet and give him/her the love and attention they are craving.  Plus, I get love and attention from them!  
This is our newest foster girl, Shelby.  Isn't she cute?

*Rant: Why is it that I'm constantly picking up pee, poop, or puke?  I asked my 13-yr-old to take Shelby out while I stripped and made his brothers' beds (it's the beds I stripped, Otin, not me).  He said he'd do it right after his movie was over.  So she peed and pooped in the living room.
Someone, I think the cat, puked in the den.  And the reason I was changing the sheets is that my 2 younger ones have bedwetting issues.  So that's kid pee, dog pee, dog poop and cat puke I've cleaned up today.

*Rave: They had a "parent night" at my oldest child's school today.  It was a chance to meet with the teachers and hear a presentation by an outside speaker.  I really enjoyed it.

*Rant: The parent "night" actually started at 4:00.  There were actually more teachers there than parents!  Well, many parents can't get there by 4:00.  Not if they work.  It is a very small school and kids come from all over the county.  If they want to boost parent participation, they should take a survey of the parents and see when it would be most convenient. 

*Rave: I love going to the gym to workout.  I go with my sister when she isn't busy pushing drugs (my sis is Rxbambi, for those of you who don't know).  It's fun to work out with her 'cause she's just that great!  And when she's not available to workout, another woman (Betsy) has agreed to be my surrogate sister.  She's fun to work out with too.

*Rant: I work out 3 times a week, almost without fail, yet I weigh the same as I did when I started working out 2 years ago.  Yes, I'm firmer.  You should see my biceps!  But I'd still like to weigh less.  It's that little thing called "eating too much" that's the problem.

*Rant: If you can believe it, the State of Illinois owes the university where my husband works 124 million dollars.  And because the state hasn't paid, the university may not be able to make payroll next month.  They are "pretty sure" everyone will get paid this month.  But next month is up in the air.  Hello!  This is just crazy!  How can the state just not pay?

Well, I guess that's it for my rants and raves.  Hopefully, hubby will get paid and we won't have to get rid of our internet service!


otin said...

Oh, that not getting paid thing blows!

I hate any waste that comes out of an animal! Including myself! lol

Does Bambi drink wine while working out?

rxBambi said...

I almost fell on the floor when you said it was the beds you were stripping! Too funny! I can't believe Otin didn't comment on that.

and that TOTALLY sucks about not getting paid... especially in December. How can they do that? Legally??? that's just nuts. Crazy talk I'm sayin...

Goose said...

My fiancé works at the school as a TA and told me the same thing last night! Seriously can they do that? Hello! People have bills to pay.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Oh...I've worked for a company that announced the day before pay day they couldn't pay us. It sucked.

They found the money and we got in our next pay, but it was bizarre and unsettling.

I hope the state pays up.