Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

I'm playing Happy Hour Friday, thanks to the wonderful duo of Otin and Rxbambi.  Go check them out.  They are both really happy this week!

I'm happy that there is a family interested in meeting Shelby.  I took her to the rescue shelter today.  They are looking at several dogs, but hopefully they'll choose her!

I'm happy I got to meet Tommy today.  He's the dog that was horribly abused then thrown in the trash, left for dead.  If you don't know the story, look on Hope Animal Rescues website and go to Tommy's Page.  His wounds are healing wonderfully and he's the most loving little thing I've ever seen!

I'm happy I got to take Bambi a latte today.  It was actually a grande skinny carmel latte.  That's her favorite.  I'm glad I took it to her because she's been having a bad day.  Some mean woman even yelled at her and called her a bitch.  I know.  Crazy!  (I took her a cookie too).

I'm happy my friend at the expensive medi-spa was not able to talk me into Botox.  I'm too young!  I did buy a couple of facials, though, since they were on sale.

I'm happy my son was actually at school today.  You see, when I got home from taking Shelby there was a message from the school that he was not there.  I saw him get on the bus, so if he wasn't at school I had no idea where he'd be.  But there was just a miscommunication between the teachers and the office staff.

I'm happy the Blues won their game last night!  LET'S GO BLUES!

I could probably come up with more things to be happy about.  But right now I've got to get to the laundry.  


otin said...

I hope that the dog gets adopted!

Who called Bambi a bitch??? grrrr!

Goose said...

I checked the website and Tommy is looking so much better! That makes me happy. Also I didn't think hope rescue actually had a shelter. I thought it was all foster care??

rxBambi said...

the latte and cookie really made my day, especially after that horrible woman. Oh well. It's done now. Plus I had some of my favorite patients come in after, so it's all good.
I'm happy about Shelby and keeping fingers and toes crossed!

tori said...

you are such a sweet sister. I can't imagine how anyone could think Bambi is a bitch!
Don't you hate those phone calls from the school. makes your heart stop for a second.

McGillicutty said...

I had a call like that once about Ashley who was 4.. I thought I was going to throw up. Turns out she was playing poker with the custodian... not really but it made you laugh right. I did get the call though.....that was real.... Bambi is a biotch but certainly not a bitch!!