Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Night

I know, it's way past Halloween.  But I wanted to show you all how cool the sky looked that night.  We headed out just as the sun was setting.  When I saw the sky, I had to run in and get my camera.  Of course, my middle child needed just one more picture before I handed the camera to DH and we headed out to trick or treat.  This year he insisted on using a pillowcase for his candy since that's what his teacher did when he was a child.  He's totally enamored with his 3rd grade teacher this year.  I think it's because he's a man and he's never had a man teacher before.  Plus, they get to eat worms when they read "How to Eat Fried Worms" this year.  How cool is that!  Everyone hopes they get Mr. R for 3rd grade.


rxBambi said...

Very cool pics little lady. But worms? blech. I think not.

otin said...

That is a really bizarre looking sky! Amazing!